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ML2 Koopeleon.PNG
Partners in Time Enemy
Koopeleon Sprite.png
A Koopeleon
Location(s) Toadwood Forest
HP 18
Power 18 (22)
Defense 20 (19)
Speed 17
Experience 7
Coins 4
Item Drop
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions (if they differ from the original American release).

Koopeleons are Koopas that live in the Toadwood Forest in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. They resemble a Koopa and chameleon hybrid with a blue shell, green skin, large eyes, and a long, curled tail. Koopeleons have the ability to turn invisible. To attack, a Koopeleon runs into its foe, delivering damage. This attack can be dodged and countered with a jump attack. If damaged, a Koopeleon becomes visible. Koopeleons take critical damage from fire attacks.

Koopelons have their own variant, which are called Gold Koopeleons.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコレオン
Portmanteau of "Nokonoko" (Koopa Troopas) and カメレオン chamereon (Chameleon).
Spanish Koomaleón From Koopa and camaleón (Chameleon)
French Koopaléon Pun on "Koopa" and "Camélion", the French word for "chameleon"
Italian Koopeleonte From Koopa and "Camaleonte", that means Chameleon.