Piranha Planet

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Partners in Time Enemy
Piranha Planet
Piranha Planet.png
A Piranha Planet.
Location(s) Star Shrine
HP 144 (180)
Power 130 (150)
Defense 110
Speed 87
Experience 170
Coins 20
Related None
Notice Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions of the game if they differ from the original American stats.[1]

Piranha Planets are small Pipe Worlds in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, teeming with miniature Piranha Plants equipped with space suits and phasers. They are found in the Star Shrine. They can harm the brothers by several ways. One way is to try to fall on one of the heroes. This can be predetermined by if it was upside down last or rightside up last. Upside down is to Luigi and rightside up is to Mario. It can fall several times on the same target, and each time it is countered with a Hammer), it takes damage. They could also shoot lasers at Mario and Luigi. If the Piranha Planet shoots upwards, it either shoots at Mario or shoot from Mario to Luigi. If it shoots upside down, it either shoots Luigi or shoots from Luigi to Mario. If it shoots at one person, it does it multiple times. Its last move is to spawn many Piranha Plants and shoot them at a brother: Red for Mario and Green for Luigi.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビジターパックン
Bijitā Pakkun
Visitor Piranha Plant
Spanish Planeta Piraña Piranha Planet
French Planète Piranha Piranha Planet
Italian Pianeta Piranha Piranha Planet


  1. ^ TMK Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Enemy Guide. Some stats were changed from the original American version of the game to the Japanese and European versions.