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“Now you go SQUISH!”
Mrs. Thwomp, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Partners in Time Enemy
Mrs. Thwomp
Mrs Thwomp Idle.gif
Mrs. Thwomp.
Location(s) Thwomp Volcano
HP 650 (730) / 400 (550) (small) / 50 (decoy)
Power 105 / 88 (small; decoy)
Defense 105 / 97 (small)
Speed 28
Experience 400 (both sizes) (400 / 0 small)
Level 18
Coins 0 / 150 (small) (150 / 0 small)
Item Drop
Related Mr. Thwomp
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions of the game if they differ from the original American stats.

Mrs. Thwomp is a female Thwomp in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and one of the bosses of the game. She is married to Mr. Thwomp. She is very easily angered. She lives in Thwomp Volcano. Unlike all other Thwomps, she is shaped as a boulder and has arms. She is also the first explicitly female Thwomp. Her battle style is similar to Trunkle, a boss from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

The minature versions of Mrs. Thwomp.

In the game, when Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi come to the volcano, the volcano erupts. With E. Gadd's help, they are able to put the fire out. Mr. and Mrs. Thwomp, however, wait each year for the volcano to erupt immediately, but when Mario and Luigi stop the eruption, they are upset. As the brothers make their way to the summit, Mrs. Thwomp, frustrated, decides to battle them. During the battle, she has a a few attacks. The first one involves slamming the ground and producing a shockwave for the bros to jump over. The second attack involves her shooting rocks at the bros. If shot on the left, the rock will attack Mario, if shot on the right, Luigi is the target and if shot in the middle, the rock will miss the bros. If the bros successfully hit a rock with their Hammer, they will get a healing item or Bros. Item. After losing at least 150 HP (230 in Japan and Europe), she uses an attack, splitting her into four small versions of herself, but it is revealed that some Micro Goombas help her as decoys when she shrinks. They have slightly imperfect disguises, however, which the player can use as a clue to which to attack. In this form, Mrs. Thwomp attacks by hopping in front on a Mario brother the chose Bro needs to hammer her before she damages them.

After being defeated, Mrs. Thwomp gets sad and her husband attempts to calm her down by getting angry at the bros. Afterward, Mr. Thwomp offers to take the brothers into Thwomp Caverns. She then asks to come along, but Mr. Thwomp, knowing she would flatten them, says no. She became so angry that she knocks them into the volcano.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴロボー
Spanish Señora Picuda Mrs. Beaked (Picuda is the Spanish name for Thwomps, Roca Picuda)
French Madame Thwomp Miss Thwomp
Italian Miss Twomp Miss Thwomp


  • In the American version of the game, the Mario Bros. are given a Coin reward of 0 Coins if they manage to defeat her larger form (as opposed to the 150 Coins assigned to the smaller form). This may have been a programming error, since in the Japanese and European versions of the game (which were released after the American version), the 150 Coin reward is assigned to the big Mrs. Thwomp, meaning the player earn 150 coins after winning the battle, instead of 0 in the U.S. version.[1]


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