Spiny Shroopa

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Partners in Time Enemy
Spiny Shroopa
SpinyShroopa MnL2.png
A Spiny Shroopa.
Internal ID
Location(s) Vim Factory
HP 16
Power 25
Defense 32
Speed 18
Experience 2 (8)
Coins 2 (5)
Related Lakitufo
Notice Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions of the game if they differ from the original American stats.[1]

The Spiny Shroopa is the Shroob version of the Spiny which is found in the Vim Factory during the events of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. A Spiny Shroopa has a purple shell with pink spikes. Unlike Spinies, Spiny Shroopas stand on their hind legs. Small, gray arms stick out the front of a Spiny Shroopa's shell. A Spiny Shroopa's head is not visible; only its glowing yellow eyes are visible. To move, Spiny Shroopas use their hind legs to move from place to place.

In battle, a Spiny Shroopa attacks by charging into its enemy. To counter-attack, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi can hit the Spiny Shroopa with their Hammers. Sometimes, a Spiny Shroopa's charge attack can poison a Mario Bro. Furhermore a Spiny Shroopa charge attack may be knocked to where they attack and not end unlike others and thus this means that if done with correct timing, it will take double damage from the hammer. If Baby Mario and Baby Luigi aren't present during the battle with the Spiny Shroopas, the Shroopa will, rather than leaping at one of the adults, roll into its egg shape and roll toward Mario where it is dodged by jumping. Spiny Shroopas are also featured in the hammer attack tutorial.

Names in other janguages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トゲリアン
From 「トゲゾー」 Togezō, the Japanese name for Spinies, in turn from 「棘」 toge, meaning "thorn".
Spanish Shroopa Pincho From Shroob, Koopa and pincho (spike)
French Xhampic Portmanteau of "Xhampi", the French name of the Shroobs, and "pic" (spike)
German Stachel Shroopa Spike Shroopa
Italian Shroopa Spinoso Spiny Shroopa


  1. ^ TMK Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Enemy Guide. Some stats were changed from the original American version of the game to the Japanese and European versions.