Vim Factory

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Inside the factory.

The Vim Factory is located in Toadwood Forest, which is part of the Mushroom Kingdom. The Vim Factory only makes an appearance in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The factory was created by the Shroobs during their raid on the Mushroom Kingdom. The Shroobs discovered that the "Vim" created by Toads could be combined with chemicals to produce the fuel needed to operate much of the Shroob technology. It was created before the Princess Peach of the present arrived in the past.

The Shroobs found a way to make the trees of the forest grab Toads and hold them tight, sucking out their vim as they did so.

Protecting the factory were two 1337-(read: leet-) speaking Hammer Bros., whose minds were being controlled through helmets controlled by the Shroobs. The babies were able to save them from their fate as slaves, and the Hammer Bros. taught them how to use a hammer in return. The Shroobs had also enlisted a Wiggler-like Shroob named Swiggler, who transported the fuel to the Shroob's UFOs. Swiggler was also a guardian of a piece of the Cobalt Star.



Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エネルギーこうじょう
Enerugī Kōjō
Energy Factory
Spanish Central de energía Energy central
French La Centrale The Central
German Elan-Fabrik Vim Factory