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A blue version of an Electro-Koopa.
First Appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Parent Species Koopa

Electro-Koopas are Koopas that only appear in Super Mario Sunshine. There are three kinds of Electro-Koopas, all of which walk on all fours and have electrical shells. They are mostly found in Pinna Park and Pianta Village, though the blue-shelled Electro-Koopas also appear in the King Boo fight.

Electro-Koopa Types[edit]


Blue-shelled Electro-Koopas are the smallest and most common type. To attack, they will throw their shells at Mario; if he doesn't dodge them, he'll get electrocuted, losing a wedge of his health. The shell will fly back onto the Electro-Koopa like a boomerang. To defeat them, Mario can either stomp them once they've thrown their shells, or spray them with water to make them vulnerable to their own shell. A defeated Electro-Koopa will release four coins that disappear quickly. If an Electro-Koopa throws its shell over a cliff, thus preventing it from returning, the shell will disappear after a few moments, and the Electro-Koopa will spontaneously grow a new one. Similarly, the shell will be destroyed if it lands in water, though it still takes some time before the Electro-Koopa replaces it.


A red Electro-Koopa.

There are also red versions of the Electro-Koopa. They appear in Pinna Park in Episodes 3 and 5 and in Pianta Village in Episode 3 where they climb on metal fences. To defeat them, Mario should kick, punch, or Ground Pound them from the other side of the fence or below them. When this happens, they fly off. They will shock Mario if he comes in contact with them and they damage Mario by the shock and not by knocking him out of the metal fence unlike a Klamber. Unlike the blue Electro-Koopas, this version will not fling its shell at him. They are found in three levels:

Pinna Park[edit]

  • Episode 3: Climbing green fences high in the air. They must be defeated in order to get some red coins.
  • Episode 5: Climbing several fences at the back of the park, guarding the Green Electro-Koopa.

Pianta Village[edit]

  • Episode 3: At the underside of the village climbing fences alongside Klambers. Mario will die falling into the void if he gets shocked by one, as Mario is down the fence climbing.


The Green Electro-Koopa, sleeping on a metal grate behind the Ferris Wheel in Pinna Park.

There is also a green breed that resembles a giant Electro-Koopa, similar in appearance to the red-shelled variety. It slept on top of a metal grate behind the Ferris Wheel in Pinna Park, where electrical discharge from its shell made the ride spin uncontrollably fast. Mario had to defeat this Electro-Koopa by flipping the grate beneath its belly, causing it to fall in the water, and making a Shine Sprite appear atop the flag on the Ferris Wheel. After the Electro-Koopa is defeated, the Ferris Wheel's speed returns to normal.

Names in other languages[edit]

Red shelled or blue shelled[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デンキノコノコ
Denki nokonoko
Electric Koopa

Green shelled[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デンノコキング
Den noko kingu
King Electro-Koopa