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SPM Merlon.png
Full Name Merlon
Species Shaman/Flipsider
First Appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Latest Appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)

“Where to begin...? My Merlon. I am a wizard. When I was reading the stars the other day, an oracle came to me. What I discovered is very important, and it concerns you.”
Merlon, Paper Mario

Merlon is a wizard from the Paper Mario series. Merlon appears to be of the Shaman species. Although he is often depicted as stubborn and comical, Merlon's integral wisdom inherently shines through, especially in Super Paper Mario. He is named after the wizard of Arthurian Legend, Merlin, as are all of his relatives (Merlee, Merlow, Merluvlee, etc.). In the first three games in the Paper Mario series, Merlon's mustache is longer than in the previous one, but while his overall appearance changes, the clasp of his cloak always resembled a Star Point. According to Wonky in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, every person in the clan of the Ancients that has the same job have the same name. Based on this, it is likely that each Merlon encountered in the Paper Mario series is, in fact, a separate individual. This is further evidenced by Merlon introducing himself to Mario in Super Paper Mario.


Paper Mario[edit]

PM Merlon.png

Merlon is first introduced as a character in Paper Mario, acting as a major ally in-game. Here, his house has a spinning roof and is located in front of the gates to Princess Peach's Castle, in Toad Town. Mario first needed Merlon's help when a gang of black Toads blocked the way to the Koopa Bros. Fortress. In order to get rid of them, Mario had to talk to Merlon, then guide the wizard to the Toads (who were actually The Koopa Bros. in disguise); Merlon promptly used his magic to blow away their disguise, sending the Koopas scurrying back to their own castle. Later in the game, Merlon would be standing outside of his house. If Mario spoke to him, he would tell Mario of an oracle that spoke to Merlon in his sleep and told him to walk around a red palm tree. Later, when Mario entered his house after Chapter 6, he requested Mario to go to Starborn Valley.

Merlon often states that he is not at home.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

Merlon, as he appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, 'Merlon' is the neighbor of Professor Frankly in Rogueport. For three Shine Sprites, Merlon can upgrade one of Mario's partners. If Mario gives Merlon the Up Arrow, Mario's partners can be Ultra Ranked. As mentioned above, this is likely not the same Merlon as the one in the original Paper Mario, as Wonky mentions that the clan to which all three 'Merlons' seem to belong to give members of their tribes their names based off of their profession, rather than individually.

Tattle information[edit]

  • That's Merlon. He's this odd old man who says really bizarre things sometimes. He helps power up your allies here. For three Shine Sprites, he raises a partner one rank.

Super Paper Mario[edit]

Merlon in Super Paper Mario.

“To feel sadness is to live, but as long as you are alive, the future is a blank page.”
Merlon, Super Paper Mario

Yet another 'Merlon' appears in Super Paper Mario, living in the town of Flipside; like most residents of this town, Merlon has a rather angular, disjointed appearance. Similar to the Merlon in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, this is likely a different Merlon. This particular Merlon has the most central role in the game out of the previous ones. He tells Mario the prophecy of the Light Prognosticus and provides the first Pure Heart of the game. He has a distant cousin living in Flopside whose name is also Merlon; however, the Flopside Merlon suggests to Mario that to tell the two apart he be called Nolrem. He also gets a quick mention when Tippi is tattling Bestovius.

Merlon and Nolrem on Flopside Tower

According to Carson, Merlon once fell in love with Saffron, the owner of Sweet Smiles. He went to her restaurant each day and wooed her constantly. Saffron agreed she would date him if he was able to finish her Saffron Special Galactic Meal, one of the most filling dishes ever made; it was said that Merlon finished all but a bit of parsley left on the plate when he received word that a poor, injured girl had mysteriously appeared in Flipside. Saffron suspended the challenge for Merlon to go help her, and he became engrossed in his studies ever since, never having the chance to return to complete it. As well as wooing Saffron, Merlon spent some of his free time at the Flipside Arcade, where he has a high score of 400000 in Forget Me Not.

Merlon was responsible for saving Tippi's life when she apparently wandered into Flipside by turning her into a Pixl. He is able to revive her after she falls unconscious following Chapter 4 and makes it clear that he cares a great deal for her and her well-being, as he requests that Mario and his friends be sure to take care of her and reminds Tippi to return to him in one piece prior to her trip to Castle Bleck. Following the defeat of the final boss and the restoration of all worlds, Merlon questions Peach as to whether Tippi is happy where she is now, and Peach responds by assuring him she is.

If the player visits Merlon's house after purchasing Tiptron, he will initially mistake her for Tippi before dishearteningly realizing she is only one of Francis's creations. After recounting the love many felt for Tippi, he will request that Mario and co. take good care of her replica. Merlon's Catch Card can be found on the first floor of the Flipside Outskirts, at the bottom of a hidden hole.

Humorously, if Mario refuses the first Pure Heart three times when Merlon offers it to him at the beginning of the game, he will receive a Game Over before the player is even given control of Mario.

Catch Card[edit]

Merlon's Catch Card.

Card Type: Uncommon
Card Description: This wizened old sage is a descendant of the Ancients. He helps Mario to decode the Light Prognosticus.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デアール
From "である" (Dearu), the verb to be
Spanish Merlón Merlon
French Merlon -
German Merlon -
Italian Merlocchio From occhio (eye)


  • Merlon as he appears in Super Paper Mario plays a similar role to Professor Frankly from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, as they are both wise old men who aid Mario in his adventure and bear some relation to his Tattle partner.