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The captive Gnaw.
Full Name Gnaw
Species Gnip
First Appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)

Gnaw, known as Growl in the PAL version, is a large, imposing creature that is purple in color, with blue spots covering its body, several rows of sharp teeth, and some retractable spikes on its head (which will not actually deal any damage to Mario or Princess Peach if they jump on them). Gnaw is also immune to any form of physical harm, making it unable to be defeated.

Gnaw is Merlee's favorite pet, which she also uses to guard her mansion. In Super Paper Mario, when Mimi took over Merlee's Mansion she chained the Gnaw to a door, making it incapable of attacking her. If Mario or Princess Peach were to approach Gnaw, it would try to grab them in its mouth; if Gnaw succeeded, it would give its catch to some Gnips, who would proceed to throw them out of Merlee's Mansion. The reason it did this was to ensure that Mario and Peach did not get hurt by Mimi, as it knew that Mimi was evil, whereas the heroes were fooled into thinking she was Merlee's maid.

If Mario or Princess Peach managed to obtain a hidden key in Merlee's Mansion, they would need to sneak by Gnaw and use it on a nearby door. Unlocking the door also frees Gnaw, who proceeds to chase a nearby Mimi all throughout Merlee's Mansion (a reference to how the similarly dog-like Chain Chomps chased away Tutankoopa, the Chapter 2 boss of the first Paper Mario). It is not seen again after this.

Gnaw's Catch Card can be purchased from Flimm for 113 coins, though he doesn't always have it in stock.


"This is Gnaw, Merlee's favorite pet. It's certainly the biggest of the bunch... But some mean person tied it down... And I think it's worried that this mean person wants to hurt you... Good Gnaw!"

Catch Card[edit]

Gnaw's Catch Card.
  • Card Type: Uncommon
  • Card Description: This mean mutt snacks on trespassers and spits them out. Nobody fights for scraps with this big dog.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイバンケン
Big Watchdog
French Gnap A possible reference to the Belgian/American Smurfs series; more specifically, a particular episode where a bug turns them into mindless purple creatures who can only say gnap!.
German Nagi Gnawy