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“Shine get! Shine get!”
Parrot, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

The Parrot.
A sprite of the Parrot.

The Parrot is a bird found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

With help from the Shadow Siren Vivian, Mario managed to learn from two crows that, in order to regain his body, which had been stolen by an unnamed shape shifter, he had to find the person who knew the body thief's name. They headed back to Creepy Steeple, where the body thief lived; going to the bottom of a well, Mario and Vivian managed to find a secret passage to a hidden room. Inside, they found the parrot; at first, the Parrot feigns ignorance simply saying random things such as wanting crackers, or even a phrase about get a Shine Sprite, referencing Super Mario Sunshine but if Mario uses Vivian's ability to sink into the shadows, the parrot will speak. At first, the Parrot only complains about his predicament of being locked in a room, but after some ranting, it finally yells out the name of its captor, Doopliss. After hearing this, Mario and Vivian sprung from the shadows, and left the room.

After Doopliss abandoned Creepy Steeple, he left the Parrot in his room. Visiting the Parrot after Chapter 4, it will speak to the player normally (complaining about Doopliss leaving him there alone), and nothing will happen if the player uses Veil in the room.