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“Whoa! How very, um... What's WRONG with you, huh? This is some crusty old dude! Do I look like I date old Bob-ombs? This is all wrong! Remember what I told you?”
Goom Goom, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Goom Goom

Goom Goom is a Goomba found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. After taking on his trouble, Mario discovered Goom Goom in the Pirate's Grotto's storeroom. Goom Goom was looking for a female companion, and, as such, Mario introduced his traveling companion Goombella to the lonely Goomba. However, Goombella rejected Goom Goom. Heart-broken, Goom Goom ran away, dropping a Couple's Cake on the way out. Goom Goom will only like Goombella; if Mario shows him a different party member, even if the party member is female, he will not like them and turn each one of them down.

Tattle Information[edit]

  • "That's Goom Goom, who asked us for help, remember? Looks like he's enjoying life here on Keelhaul Key, but he's a bit lonely. By the way, you don't suppose I'd qualify as a cute Goomba gal, do you?"

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Goombanova Cross between "Goomba" and "Casanova"
Italian GoombAAA The sign "AAA" is often used at the beginning in ads, but it has only a pratical function; Ads are always paginated in alphabetical order, and this sign's aim is to make the ad appear before the others