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Goompapa spr.png
Goompapa is mad about the gate.

Goompapa is the father of Goombario and Goombaria and the husband of Goomama in Paper Mario. He is also fishing friends with Muss T., Koover, and Fishmael.

In the beginning of the game in Goomba Village he can be seen fixing the gate to Goomba Road. Soon Kammy Koopa will appear and destroy the gate with a block. Goompapa has a fit and Mario will need the Hammer to progress.


  • He's my dad, Goompapa. He's willing to do anything for us. We can always count on him. He doesn't look like it, though. But did you see him fixing stuff after that earthquake? That's when I knew he was cool.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Goompapa -


  • Goompapa can be seen in the audience of Chuck Quizmo's shows.