Medi Guy

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Paper Mario Enemy
Medi Guy
MediGuy PM.png
Max HP 7
Attack 1
Defense 0
Location(s) Shy Guy's Toy Box

Moves Ram (1), Heal (4HP)
This is a Medi Guy. Medi Guys are the emergency workers of the Shy Guy clan. They have the power to heal their wounded companions. Of course, they also attack. We'd better hurry up and take them out of the mix. It's a pain if they keep fixing all the damage we do.

Medi Guys are Shy Guys that are encountered in Shy Guy's Toy Box in Paper Mario. Goombario says they are emergency workers of the Shy Guy clan. They can restore the health of their partners in battle by four HP and ram into Mario with their flying ambulances, dealing one damage per attack. Like Sky Guys, Medi Guys are always red. However they are never seen outside battle. Also since Medi Guys are in the air, they cannot be harmed with low ground attacks (such as a hammer) unless a badge is used.

Groove Guys also summon Medi Guys sometimes.