Crystal King

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Crystal King
Crystal King.png
Full Name Crystal King
Species Unknown
First Appearance Paper Mario (2000)

“First I shall defeat you, and then I will present to King Bowser an iced Mario gift!”
Crystal King, Paper Mario

The Crystal King is the final boss in possession of a Star Spirit that Mario had to face before his final confrontation with Bowser in the game Paper Mario.


The Crystal King guarded the last Star Spirit, Kalmar, in the Crystal Palace. Crystal King's body is invisible and he can also make his cloak and crown invisible too. Crystal King can fly, summon Crystal Bits and shoot ice beams. When he gets desperate, he begins copying himself and recovering HP.

When Mario defeats him, Crystal King says, "Oh no! The last Star Spirit!! King Bowser, forgive meeeeeeeee!!". He then spins out of control and disappears while sparks are flying away from him.

Like the other characters, Crystal King appears in the parade at the end during the credits. Two Duplighosts are impersonating him, and the real Crystal King is carried away by his Crystal Bits.

The Crystal King is incredibly powerful. If not beaten quick enough, the Crystal King will recover 20 HP at least three times. He can attempt a freezing attack which freezes Mario and also deals six damage if not blocked. The Crystal King can split into multiple copies of himself in the air or on the ground. If Mario does not choose the correct copy on the next turn, the king will unleash a powerful mist attack which deals eight damage.

Super Mario-Kun[edit]

CrystalKing SuperMarioKun.jpg

The Crystal King also makes an appearance in volme 27 of Super Mario-Kun. Before the fight, the Crystal King announces his presence using Ice Bolt by freezing Kooper. The Crystal King borrows his attacks from the original game such as hurling Crystal Bits and creating duplicates of himself. After an assortment of attacks, including Mario's using smelly clothing, Kooper uses a flaming shell to defeat the Crystal King.

Tattle Log and Statistics[edit]

Paper Mario Enemy
Crystal King
Location(s) Crystal Palace
Max HP 70
Attack 6 (Copy's Attack is 5)
Defense 2 (Copy's Defense is 0)
Moves Crystal Bit Spit (4), Ice Bolt (6; frozen), Mist (8; after copying), Copy (Copies twice) Recover (+20 HP), Air Copies (copies twice in air)
Misc. stats
Air Lift?
  • King's Tattle: He's one of Bowser's main guys. I don't know how he managed to take over this palace, but... He'll attack you by summoning and launching Crystal Bits. The power of each attack is 4. The number of times he attacks equals the number of Crystal Bits he's deployed. He'll also try to freeze you whenever he can. When his HP is low, he may try to divide and conquer. The power of this attack is 8. You can hurt him only by attacking his real body. If you don't know which one's the main body, you should attack all of them. Pretty brilliant, eh?
  • Copy's Tattle: I think this is a deceptive duplicate of the Crystal King. Since it's just an illusion, all of your attacks will just go through it. Just a reminder, Mario... You must damage the real one.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パラレラー
Spanish Rey Cristal Crystal King
French Roi Cristal Crystal King
German Kristallkönig Crystal King
Portuguese O Rei Cristal The Crystal King