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Paper Mario Enemy
Max HP 3
Attack 6
Defense 0
Location(s) Forever Forest, Flower Fields

Items Honey Syrup, Maple Syrup
Moves Sting (6; Poison), Multi-Sting (5x1, Tiny)
This is a Bzzap!. Bzzaps! are monstrous bees. If they sting you, sometimes you'll be poisoned. They also occasionally call a swarm of small bees to attack you in a cloud. Be careful of those little attackers, because you'll sometimes shrink when stung. They don't have a lot of HP, so take care of 'em as quick as you can.

“They also occasionally call a swarm of small bees to attack you in a cloud.”
Goombario, Paper Mario

A Bzzap! is a bee enemy found in Flower Fields in Paper Mario. It attacks by stinging its enemies. A Bzzap!'s sting sometimes poisons its target. They usually hide in the trees; when Mario whacks the tree with his Hammer, the Bzzap! escapes and attempts to sting Mario as a First Strike. A Bzzap! can also attack by summoning mini Bzzap!'s to shrink Mario.

Bzzap!s also appear at the end of Forever Forest in a beehive. Near the beehive is an HP Plus Badge. They are off the forest's main path in a second exit. By hitting the tree they are hanging on, Mario can coax the Bzzap!s out of hiding.

Bzzap!s were going to appear in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door but were taken out for unknown reasons.