Spy Guy

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Paper Mario Enemy
Spy Guy
Max HP 7
Attack 2
Defense 0
Location(s) Shy Guy's Toy Box

Moves Hammer (2)
Slingshot (3)
This is a Spy Guy. Spy Guys look like they're ready for war in their spiffy camouflage gear! They change their weapons each time they're attacked. You'd best try to avoid their hammer attack! Every time you're hit by it, you'll lose one of your commands!

Spy Guys are Shy Guys dressed in camouflage gear. So far, their only appearance was in Paper Mario where they first appeared in the Shy Guy's Toy Box. They can attack Mario with either a slingshot or a hammer, changing weapons each time they are attacked. If Mario gets hit by the hammer and fails to guard against it correctly, he loses one of his action commands for several turns.

Outside of battle, Spy Guys should be attacked from a distance as such they always have a slingshot outside battle. If a Spy Guy spots Mario, it will try to make the First Strike by shooting a rock at him.

They attack like Sky Guys, but they are floating with baloons and only attack with slingshots.