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Clockwise from top left: Machine Made Bowyer, Yaridovich, Mack, Shyster, Axem Rangers, and Drill Bit

The Machine Mades are (as their name implies) machine-made, mass-produced weapons prepared by Smithy for his takeover of Mushroom Kingdom during Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They are gray palette-swaps of earlier enemies and bosses.

The Machine Mades are: Axem Black, Axem Green, Axem Pink, Axem Red, Axem Yellow, Shyster[1], Bowyer, Mack, Yaridovich, and Drill Bit[1].


Image Name HP Attack Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense EXP Coins Item Drop Psychopath Thought
Axem Black Sprite.png Machine Made (Axem Black) 120 120 110 4 40 20 0 Max Mushroom "Will I make the team?"
Machine AxemGreen.png Machine Made (Axem Green) 80 105 80 80 120 10 0 Royal Syrup "Whew! Vertigo!"
Machine AxemPink.png Machine Made (Axem Pink) 100 95 90 40 100 30 0 Maple Syrup "Oh! My makeup!"
Machine AxemRed.png Machine Made (Axem Red) 180 135 95 24 80 50 0 Royal Syrup "Gotta fight for evil!"
Machine AxemYellow.png Machine Made (Axem Yellow) 200 140 130 16 20 25 0 Max Mushroom "I'm STARVED!"
Machine Bowyer.png Machine Made (Bowyer) 1000 150 120 90 80 150 40 Ice Bomb "Nya! I'll SNUFF ya! NYA!"
Machine Made Drill Bit.gif Machine Made (Drill Bit) 180 130 82 31 69 0 0 None "Look out, LOSERS!"
Machine Mack.png Machine Made (Mack) 300 160 120 95 40 120 30 Fire Bomb "Mario! I'm BAAAAAAAACK!"
Machine Shyster.png Machine Made (Shyster) 100 135 95 90 65 0 0 None "Boing, boing, boing."
Machine Yaridovich.png Machine Made (Yaridovich) 800 180 130 90 50 180 50 Rock Candy "My promotion's at stake!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese りょうさんがた
Mass-Produced Model


  • Dodo has the same Psychopath thought as the Axem Yellow.
  • The Axem Black is identical in appearance to the original. This is due to the Machine Made being monochrome, and Axem Black was already black and white to begin with.
  • Unlike normal boss fights, Mario and his party can run away from a Machine Made encounter.
  • The "Machine Made" Yaridovich's Psychopath thought is identical to the original Yaridovich's.
  • The Drill Bit Machine Made is the only that wasn't fought before. Jabit is later fought as one of the final opponents; the original Drill Bit appears but is never fought in the final game.
  • The "Machine Made" Mack's Psychopath thought specifically identifies Mario. None of the others do this, and it's unknown whether the Machine Made Mack retains a sense of identity with the original or whether its memories are false.
  • The "Machine Made" Yaridovich is the only Machine Made that is mandatory to defeat in order to progress.


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