Alley Rat

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Enemy
Alley Rat Render.png
Alley Rat
Location(s) Sunken Ship
Bowser's Keep
HP 105
FP 100
Attack 70
Defense 55
Magic Attack 13
Magic Defense 12
Speed 21
Evade 15%
Magic Evade 0%
Special Attacks Poison
Special Defense None
Weak Point None
Item Dropped Mushroom (25%)
Coins Dropped 3
Flower Dropped ONCE AGAIN! Flower
Flower Odds 30%
Experience Gained 9
Yoshi Cookie Item Able Juice
Success Rate 100%
Related Rat Funk
Psychopath Thought
"Don't pity me, Mario!"

An Alley Rat is a purple-colored rodent that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. These vermin have infested the Sunken Ship off the coast of Seaside Town. Alley Rats wear running shoes which they use to scamper up and down the staircases of the Sunken Ship. Although stronger than their Rat Funk relatives, Alley Rats are not very powerful. In fact, they are very cowardly and will often run away in a fight. They will also attack in large numbers or with stronger monsters for added protection.

In battle, an Alley Rat's primary attack is slapping an intruder with its tail. The rodent's tail can be used to poison an attacker as well. However, they don't have any strengths or weaknesses. Some Alley Rats have learned how to fire the cannons in the Sunken Ship, and will shoot Bullet Bills to knock intruders down to lower levels. If a Bullet Bill is hit from underneath, the cannon it was fired from will stop shooting Bullet Bills, allowing adventurers to pass.


  • Alley Rat is a pun on "alley cat".

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チューベエ
German Gassenratte Alley Rat