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Paper Mario Enemy
Chan PM.png
Max HP 15
Attack 2
Defense 2
Location(s) Toad Town

Moves Shell Shot (2) Get Up (Stops being flipped)
This is Chan, of the Dojo. He is training under The Master and is happy to fight us. Max HP: 15, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 2 Hammer attacks don't work well, but you can turn him over with Jump attacks. Once he's flipped over, he's easy. No mercy, Mario!

“Above us, on the top floor, there is a Dojo. We are here! Always! Training at the Dojo! Unless our Master isn't here, in which case the Dojo's closed. A letter just arrived saying The Master will return soon. We will train again soon!”
Chan, Paper Mario

Chan is a student at the Toad Town Dojo and a disciple of the Master in Paper Mario. He is a Buzzy Beetle with a green shell and the easiest dojo resident to defeat. Chan has braided hair. His name is a reference to the martial artist turned movie star Jackie Chan.

Since he is a Buzzy Beetle, Chan has a high defense rating and cannot be hurt by fire attacks or explosions. However, he can be flipped over by jump attacks. Once Chan is flipped over, he has trouble getting back up, leaving his vulnerable underside exposed. Thus, it is possible for Mario to keep flipping Chan over, preventing the Buzzy Beetle from attacking.

When Mario defeats him, he earns the First-Degree Card.

Chan can only be fought after Mario visits Eldstar on Shooting Star Summit. The Master will have returned to his dojo by then.

According to Goombario, Chan has deep admiration for the Master. However, this admiration apparently borders on idol worship.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チェン
French Chan
German Chan -