The Master

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This article is about the martial arts master. For information about hand in the Super Smash Bros. games, see here.
The Master
The Master both.PNG
The Master in his first and second forms.
Full Name The Master
Species Toad
First Appearance Paper Mario (2000)

“Kuwaaaaa! Behold my fury, Mario!!”
The Master, Paper Mario

The Master is a powerful martial artist and the resident teacher of the Toad Town Dojo. He is a Toad who appears in the game Paper Mario. If Mario defeats his students Lee and Chan, the hero will have the opportunity to challenge the Master himself in battle. In fact, Mario can fight the Master three times, and can earn (in order) the Third Degree, Fourth Degree, and Diploma cards. However, each time Mario wins a battle, the next fight with the Master will become exponentially harder. The Master's appearance in the third battle is the same, except he is surrounded by a golden aura. With experience and skill (and maybe a few tricks), Mario can defeat the Master's third and most powerful form and earn the Diploma. It is highly recommended that Mario has equipped Zap Tap Badge or uses Volt Shrooms to electrify himself. This prevents The Master from using his Dashing Uppercut and Dashing Kicking Uppercut attacks that cause massive damage to Mario.

In his final form, the Master is actually stronger than the final boss, Bowser (in his powered-up state); while both have 99 HP, The Master has more powerful attacks than Bowser. Much like Bonetail in the sequel, the Master is the strongest opponent in the game and is completely optional, thus he is the game's superboss.

The Master is also similar in many ways to the character Jinx from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Both Jinx and the Master are expert martial artists who train disciples in schools. Additionally, Mario has to fight both Jinx and the Master three times each, with every battle getting progressively harder in each case.

Paper Mario Stats and Tattle Information[edit]

First Battle[edit]

Max HP: 50
Attack Power: 6
Defense Power: 0
Location:Toad Town
Tattle: This is The Master. He owns the Dojo--and he's the strongest member. If he's the best in the Dojo, he must be pretty tough!

Moves: Punch (6)

Second Battle[edit]

Max HP: 75
Attack Power: 8
Defense Power: 0
Location: Toad Town
Tattle: This is The Master. He owns the Dojo--and he's the strongest member. He knows both normal and advanced methods of attack. You'd better concentrate, Mario! This guy doesn't mess around at all!

Moves: Punch (8), Dashing Uppercut (5, then 6)

Final Battle[edit]

Max HP: 99
Attack Power: 10
Defense Power: 1
Location: Toad Town
Tattle: This is The Master. He owns the Dojo--and he's the strongest member. He may well know a few moves I've never heard of... We can't expect mercy from this guy, so let's take the fight to him.

Moves: Punch (10), Dashing Uppercut (6, then 7), Dashing Kicking Uppercut (5, 6, then 7)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シショー
From 師匠 (master).
Spanish El Sensei The Sensei
French Kara T From "karate".
German Karate-Meister Karate Master
Portuguese O Mestre do Karate The Karate Master