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Paper Mario
The current version of the series logo.

Variation of the previous logo .

First Installment Paper Mario (2000)
Latest Installment Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
Number of Installments 5 (1 upcoming)
Parent Series Mario
Key Staff Ryota Kawade

The Paper Mario series is one of the many of the Mario series. Four games have been released in this series: Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Super Paper Mario, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star, with a fifth; Paper Mario: Color Splash, currently in development. Most of the games in the series are strictly RPGs, though Super Paper Mario is a platfomer with RPG elements. The four games have been released on separate consoles, the Nintendo 64, the Nintendo GameCube, the Wii, and the Nintendo 3DS.

Chronological overview[edit]

Main series[edit]

Title, Original Release and System Synopsis and Ratings
Paper Mario


The series began in 2000 with Paper Mario. This was the second Mario RPG game, the first being Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. This game was originally going to be called Super Mario RPG 2, but the name was changed due to problems with Square Enix, the company that made Super Mario RPG. The game started off with Mario receiving an invitation to Princess Peach's Castle. But when he arrives the castle is lifted up into the sky. This was caused by Bowser, who had stolen the legendary Star Rod, which could grant people's wishes. Bowser throws Mario out of the castle, and so his adventure begins. This game was later released on the Wii's Virtual Console in 2007 and, eventually, the Wii U's in 2015.
Japan August 10, 2000
Nintendo 64
IGN – 9.0: OutstandingGamespot – 9.5: Superb
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


Later, in 2004 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was released. This time, Bowser was not the main villain. The antagonist was Sir Grodus, the leader of the X-Nauts. The X-Nauts have kidnapped Peach, and Mario must save her by finding the Crystal Stars. Though he was not the main villain, Bowser still had a role to play as a minor villain. The player could even use him at certain stages. The main location of this game is Rogueport, a seaside town with a nasty reputation.
Japan July 22, 2004
Nintendo GameCube
IGN – 9.1: OutstandingGamespot – 9.2: Superb
Super Paper Mario


The third installment in the series, Super Paper Mario, is a platformer and it had a very different battle style to the other games. Instead of going into a stage and choosing attacks, the characters simply had to run and jump or use one of a Pixls' moves to defeat an enemy. The story starts with Mario and Luigi at their house, when a Toad appears and tells them that Princess Peach has been kidnapped. The Mario Bros. blamed Bowser, but when they reached his castle, the real kidnapper, Count Bleck, appeared. Bleck sucked everyone into a black hole except Mario, who is then found by a Pixl named Tippi, who tells him that he needs to find the eight Pure Hearts to save his friends. This game also gave Mario the unique ability to flip dimensions. He could be in either 2D or 3D, but he can only stay 3D for a short time.
USA April 9, 2007
IGN – 8.9: GreatGamespot – 8.8: Great
Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Paper mario sticker star box-art.png

The fourth installment of the series was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2012, making it the first handheld installment of the series. When an accident scatters stickers across the land, Mario sets off on an aventure to repair a torn world. Searching forests, deserts and mountains, Mario collects stickers to solve puzzles and battle monsters. Partners were removed from this game to focus more on the sticker aspect; instead of partners, a sticker fairy named Kersti assists Mario. Leveling up is based on completing missions instead of battling, and stickers are used to interact with the environment. The entire battle system is based on using stickers, but is again a turn-based system. [1]
USA November 11, 2012
Nintendo 3DS
IGN – 8.3: GreatGamespot – 7.5: Good
Paper Mario: Color Splash

PMCS Boxart.png

This fifth installment of the Paper Mario series was announced during the March 2016 Nintendo Direct. The game involves Mario using the Paint Hammer in order to color in colorless characters and level elements and progress through the story. This coloring feature is also implemented into battles, which appear to be quite similar in gameplay to Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The game is planned to be released for the Wii U at some point in 2016.
USA October 7, 2016
Wii U


Title, Original Release and System Synopsis
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Mario & Luigi - Paper Jam - NOA Boxart.png

This fifth installment of the Mario & Luigi series crosses over with the Paper Mario series, and was originally released in late 2015. One day, Luigi stumbles upon a book containing the Paper Mario universe, and accidentally releases the Paper Mario versions of various characters from the book. Despite some arguments, the two Bowsers decide to team up, combine their Koopa Troop armies, and kidnap the two Peaches. Thus, the Mario Bros. team up with Paper Mario to rescue both versions of Princess Peach from Bowser and Paper Bowser.
Japan December 3, 2015
Nintendo 3DS


Main protagonists[edit]

Character Biography First Paper Mario Appearance


Mario is the main hero of the series. He is often saving Princess Peach from Bowser using his trademark Jump and Hammer, but also saves her from other villains in the series, such as Grodus and Count Bleck.

In Paper Mario, he recovers the seven Star Spirits to get the Star Rod back from Bowser in Star Haven after the villain steals it at Princess Peach's party.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario receives a letter from Peach telling she's found a treasure map at Rogueport. He then learns she has been kidnapped by the evil group of the X-Nauts, who are after the Crystal Stars as well. Using the magic of the Magical Map, Mario goes to find the Crystal Star and Princess Peach, and meets new partners along his adventure. Mario obtains new powers as well, and can turn into a paper plane, paper roll and paper boat. After many difficult battles, he destroys the Shadow Queen's soul in the Shadow Palace and saves Peach again.

In Super Paper Mario, Mario must save Peach, Luigi and the Koopa Troop from Count Bleck. He finds the Pure Hearts to save all the dimensions and destroy the Chaos Heart and Super Dimentio.

In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Mario recovers the six Royal Stickers to restore the Sticker Star after Bowser destroys it and kidnaps Peach.

Paper Mario
Princess Peach


Princess Peach is the damsel-in-distress of the series. She is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and lives in her castle. Though captured throughout the games, Peach still is not completely helpless. Peach is only held hostage for a short time in the third game. As part of Dimentio's master plan, Peach disappears from Castle Bleck and reappered in Flipside, where Mario was at the time. Peach decides to join Mario on his quest. Peach uses her umbrella, which can shield her from enemy attacks and allow her to glide in order to reach difficult places. In the fourth installment, Peach is kidnapped by Bowser after he ruins the Sticker Fest. Peach even plays the part of the villain at one time, when she is possessed by the Shadow Queen in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Paper Mario

Paper Luigi.png

Luigi is Mario's younger brother. He has a very minor role in the Paper Mario series until Super Paper Mario. In Paper Mario, Luigi manages to escape Bowser and returns to the Bros. house to look after it. In the second game, Luigi arrives at Rogueport after one of the chapters, and tells Mario about his own adventures in the Waffle Kingdom. In Super Paper Mario, Luigi is a much more important character. He, with many others, is kidnapped by Count Bleck and imprisoned in his castle. Luigi is later brainwashed into thinking he is Mr. L, one of Bleck's servants. He is then rescued and becomes playable.
Paper Mario


Bowser's main goal is to take over the world and marry Princess Peach, but he actually isn't too evil and thus appears in the series as a main villain (in Paper Mario and Paper Mario: Sticker Star) but also as a secondary villain (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door) or even as an anti-hero (Super Paper Mario).

In Paper Mario, he steals the Star Rod to make his own wishes come true, and thus he becomes invincible, but is later defeated. In the second game, he learns that someone kidnapped Princess Peach and goes to save her, as he claims he's the only person who has the right to kidnap Peach. Additionally, he tries to get the Crystal Stars but fails. He accidentally plays a part in helping Mario defeat Grodus.

In the third game, he's married to Peach by Count Bleck but that event creates the Chaos Heart. Bowser finally helps Mario and Peach to save the worlds, because if the world didn't exist anymore, he wouldn't be able take over it (although the game later hints that he may actually like the worlds and doesn't want them to be destroyed).

In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Bowser accidentally breaks the Sticker Star, releasing the six Royal Stickers. One sticks to his head, making him several times stronger, before Bowser knocks out Mario and attacks Decalburg. Bowser then becomes crazy with power and sends his minions to cause havoc in the Mushroom Kingdom, helped by Bowser Jr. and Kamek, but ends up being defeated by Mario and Kersti and coming back to his senses after the Royal Sticker is peeled off his head. In the end, Bowser tries to steal the Sticker Star again, but is scolded by Kersti, and finally rides along the parade of the Sticker Fest.

Paper Mario

Secondary protagonists[edit]

Character Biography First Paper Mario Appearance


Twink is a young Star Kid. Twink is Peach's assistant while in Bowser's Castle. Peach often uses Twink as a messenger to Mario, when she finds out the locations of the Star Spirits. When Mario arrives at Starborn Valley, many of the Star Kids speak of Twink wondering how he has been since he left the valley.
Paper Mario
Professor Frankly


Professor Frankly is an old Goomba who lives in Rogueport. He was Goombella's teacher, and he helps Mario to find the Crystal Stars by telling him where the next star is, after analyzing the map.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Tec face.PNG

TEC-XX is a computer that is a part of the X-Nauts, although he has helped Peach. He takes the place of Twink from Paper Mario. In Chapter 7, Sir Grodus and two X-Nauts see TEC helping Peach, so Sir Grodus asks the X-Nauts to push two red buttons to make TEC not work. When Mario and his Partner go to TEC's room, TEC asks for Mario to save Rogueport and rescue Peach. He also has a crush on Peach.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

SPM Merlon.png

Merlon actually covers three different characters. In Paper Mario, he's a Shaman who lives in Toad Town. He can see the future. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door he lives in Rogueport and can level up Mario's partners in exchange of Shine Sprites. In Super Paper Mario, he lives in Flipside and is the one who transformed Timpani into Tippi and gives the first Pure Heart to Mario. In that game, he has a counterpart who lives in Flopside named Nolrem.
Paper Mario

SPM Tippi.png

Tippi is the main Pixl in Super Paper Mario. She is able to help Mario and can even reveal hidden things. Before she became a Pixl, Tippi's name was Lady Timpani. Tippi fell in love with a young man named Blumiere, but when they were unable to be together, Blumirere found the Dark Prognosticus, and transformed into Count Bleck. Timpani wandered the dimensions, and lost her memory of Blumirere. She was finally found by Merlon, who transformed her into a Pixl. Tippi later was of interest to Francis, a nerd who believes her to be a rare collectible. At the end of the game, the player can buy Tiptron, a robotic version of Tippi.
Super Paper Mario

Kersti PMSS.png

Kersti is a sticker fairy who appears in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. She is Mario's initial companion in the game as well as his only partner. Kersti functions as Mario's guide in the game, dispensing useful information. She has the ability to "paperize" stickers, turning them into objects that can be placed into designated locations; this is necessary to complete the game. At the end of the game she turns itselfs into a sticker to help Mario defeating Bowser.
Paper Mario: Sticker Star


Character Biography First Paper Mario Appearance


Goombario is a young, intelligent Goomba from Goomba Village. Goombario's family finds Mario after he is been knocked away from Bowser's Castle. When he recovers, Goombario joins him on his quest. Goombario is able to Tattle on enemies, giving Mario information on their health and strategies to defeat them. His main attack is a Headbonk, with which he can knock enemies on the head with. When powered up, he can use Charge, which boosts his Headbonk attack power, and Multibonk, which lets him headbonk as many times as possible on an enemy until he misses an action command.
Paper Mario

PM Kooper.jpg

Kooper is a very brave, young Koopa in the first Paper Mario game. Mario meets him in Koopa Village when it is being raided by Fuzzies. One of the Fuzzies has stolen Kooper's Shell, and Mario agrees to find it. After Mario retrieves the shell, Kooper joins his group. Kooper is able to retreat inside his shell and hit things such as switches in areas Mario cannot reach. This move can be used in battle to hit enemies. Kooper's other moves include Power Shell, which attacks all enemies in battle, Dizzy Shell, a move which makes enemies dizzy, making them miss attacks, and Fire Shell, an attack which can defeat enemies such as Dry Bones in one hit.
Paper Mario

PM Bombette.png

Bombette is a Pink Bob-omb, in Paper Mario. Mario meets her in the Koopa Bros. Fortress when she is imprisoned there by the Yellow Ninjakoopa. Bombette agrees to join Mario and assists him in getting the first Star Spirit. Bombette is able to explode and destroy cracks in walls to open up hidden rooms. In battle, Bombette is able to do a Body Slam against enemies, or use a Power Bomb, which can destroy all grounded enemies, or a Mega Bomb, which can destroy all enemies.
Paper Mario


Parakarry is the Paratroopa mailman of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario first meets him on Mt. Rugged, where he is upset. Parakarry explains to him that he has lost some of his letters. Mario finds them and then Parakarry joins him. Parakarry is able to get Mario across large gaps that can't be jumped over. Parakarry's attacks include Sky Dive, in which he dives onto an enemy from midair, Shell Shot, when Parakarry retreats into his shell and flings himself at an enemy, Air Lift, where Parakarry picks up an enemy and removes it from battle, and Air Raid, where he flies around crazily and attacks enemies. Parakarry is one of Mario's only partners who reappears in another Paper Mario game. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Parakarry is the mailman again, and he delivers a letter from Princess Peach to Mario.
Paper Mario
Lady Bow


Lady Bow is the leader of the Boos in Boo's Mansion. Bow crosses paths with Mario when he arrived at the mansion looking for a Star Spirit. Bow, in fact, had the Star Spirit. It had escaped from its prison at Tubba Blubba's Castle only to be captured there. Bow told Mario that if he wanted the Star Spirit, he'd have to defeat Tubba Blubba, who had been eating the Boos. Bow decided to go with Mario, and when he succeeded in ridding the Boos of Tubba Blubba, she still accompanied him. Bow has the ability to make Mario invisible. In battle, she is able to smack an enemy, scare them away from the battlefield, or hit them with her fan. Bow was also one of the few partners in the Paper Mario series to make an appearance in another Paper Mario game. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, after the player has finished the game, Bow can be seen in Poshley Heights, alongside Bootler.
Paper Mario


Watt is a Li'l Sparky, that lives in Shy Guy's Toy Box. Mario meets her when he was there looking for a Star Spirit. Mario found a particularly dark room, which contained a Big Lantern Ghost. Mario fights the lantern ghost, defeats it, and finds Watt trapped inside of the lantern. After Mario frees her, Watt volunteers to join him. She is able to light up dark rooms to reveal hidden objects. In battle, Watt can do an Electro Dash to attack an enemy and pierce through their defenses, do a Power Shock to paralyze an enemy, do a Turbo Charge to increase Mario's attack power, or do a Mega Shock which paralyzes all enemies.
Paper Mario


Sushie is a Cheep-Cheep that lives on Lavalava Island. She is the babysitter of the five Yoshi kids in Yoshi's Village. Mario meets her upon entering the village. When the five Yoshi kids went missing into the jungle, Mario went in after them where he finds Sushie (who was also looking for the Yoshi kids after falling into one of their traps) stuck in a tree. Mario helps her and Sushie team up with him to find the young Yoshi kids. After recusing the young five Yoshis, Mario tells Sushie about his quest. Sushie is touched by this and join Mario's party permanently. Sushie is able to get Mario through the surface of water and dive underneath when riding on her back. In battle, Sushie is a able to do a Belly Flop to jump on an enemy, do a Squirt to shoot water at an enemy, uses a Water Block create to water barrier that increase Mario's defense and reduced any fire attacks against him, and Tidal Wave to launch a blasts of water against all enemies on screen.
Paper Mario


Lakilester is a Lakitu from Flower Fields. Lakilester originally started as one of Huff N. Puff's minions, and attacked Mario, but Mario bested him in the fight. Right before it looked like the end for Lakilester, his girlfriend Lakilulu shows up. Lakilulu pleads for Mario to spare Lakilester's life. Mario listens and Lakilester joins his party. Lakilester can hover Mario over surfaces that would injure Mario if he tried to walk on them, such as spikes or lava. Lakilester's attacks are a Spiny Flip, where he throws a Spiny Egg at an enemy, Spiny Surge, where he throws a massive amount of Spinies at enemies, Cloud Nine, where he creates a cloud that raises Mario's evasion, and Hurricane, a powerful move that blows enemies out of battle. Lakilester prefers to be called Spike rather than his real name.
Paper Mario


Goombella is a partner in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She is a Goomba going to the University of Goom in Rogueport. She is found once Mario arrives in Rogueport. She is being followed by Lord Crump who wants to know how she found out about Crystal Stars. As Mario comes closer to the scene Goombella sees Mario and hides behind him. A tutorial fight begins and Goombella explains how to battle. Lord Crump then commands his army on Mario and Goombella, which they easily escape from. Goombella also helps Mario through the Rogueport sewers along with Professor Frankly, and continues to help Mario throughout the game. She is cute, if not sassy, and she commonly says "What is HIS beef?". She also has a small crush on Mario.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Koops - Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door.png

Koops is a timid Koopa that lives in Petalburg. When Mario arrives in Petalburg, Koops begs for him to let him come and fight the dragon, Hooktail. Koops's father, Koopley, had been defeated by Hooktail sometime before Mario's arrival, and Koops wanted to assist in finally defeating it. After Hooktail's defeat, Koopley was found to be alive in Hooktail's belly. Koops's first attacks are the same as Kooper's but his others are Shell Shield, which defends Mario with a large shell for several turns, and Shell Slam, which attacks all ground enemies, piercing through their defense.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


Flurrie is a starstruck wind spirit that resides in Boggly Woods. When Mario tries to open the secret entrance to the great tree and fails, Punio informs Mario about Flurrie, who could probably move the leaves in front of the entrance. Once Mario finds Flurrie, she is missing her necklace, the one that Vivian had picked up. After beating the Shadow Sirens and retrieving the necklace, they give it to Flurrie, who then decided to help the Punis. Throughout the level she came in handy. After defeating Lord Crump, she decided to come with Mario, seeing how she could get the thrill of stardom by traveling with him.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


Yoshi is Mario's fourth party member in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He started off as an egg, which was imported from a southern island to be an extra ingredient for Mr. Hoggle's Hot Dogs. However, that plan backfired, since the Yoshi was still alive in the egg, and began jumping around. Unable to catch it himself, Mr. Hoggle asked Mario and his partners to get it for him. They succeeded, but eventually Mr. Hoggle decided that he didn't want the egg anymore, since he figured that no one would want to eat anything that "jumps around". Yoshi, while inside the egg, started to accompany Mario and his party, until he eventually hatched during their battle against the Iron Adonis Twins. After the Yoshi hatched from the egg, he thanked Mario and company for saving him from Mr. Hoggle, and agreed to fight alongside them for the rest of the game. Outside of battle, Mario can ride Yoshi to move faster, or to get across narrow gaps that Mario cannot jump across on his own, much like Parakarry from the first Paper Mario. Yoshi's default abilities in battle are Ground Pound, which takes up one of an enemy's HP at a time (much like Lady Bow in the first one), and Gulp, where he'll use his tongue to get an enemy into his mouth, and then spit it back out, and hit another enemy. When powered up, Yoshi gains the Mini-Egg attack, which is capable of lowering enemies' attack power, as well as Stampede, where he summons an army of Yoshis to attack.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Vivian - Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door.png

Vivian is the fifth party member in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. At the beginning of the game, she was a member of the Shadow Sirens and X-Nauts, but she eventually switched sides, due to the fact that she was constantly being belittled and verbally abused by her older sister, Beldam. Outside of battle, Vivian can use the Veil technique to sink into the shadows with Mario to avoid enemies and obstacles. In battle, Vivian's default ability, in addition to Veil, is Shade Fist, where she can punch enemies and set them on fire. After she's leveled up, Vivian gains the abilities, Fiery Jinx and Infatuate. Fiery Jinx allows her to burn all enemies on screen, while her Infatuate ability confuses enemies, causing them to attack one another, instead of Mario and his party. Like Goombella, she has a small crush on Mario.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Admiral Bobbery


Admiral Bobbery is the sixth and final required party member in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He was a renowned Bob-omb sailor who spent most of his life traveling around the sea. Eventually, his wife, Scarlette, succumbed to a fatal illness while he was away, and by the time Bobbery came back home, Scarlette had long since passed away. After this, Bobbery was overcome with guilt and fell into a state of depression. He felt that if he hadn't been away, then he could have nursed his wife back to health. As a result, he vowed to never set sail again. That is, until Mario and his party came to his house, in need of a navigator for their expedition to Keelhaul Key. Bobbery refused to go with them at first, until Mario and company delivered a letter to him, which was written by Scarlette before she died. Outside of battle, Bobbery's abilities are nearly identical to that of Bombette's from the first Paper Mario. He could explode near cracked walls and uncover hidden areas. Unlike Bombette, however, Mario could throw him in higher areas. In battle, Bobbery's standard abilities are Bomb, which allows him to explode on a single enemy at a time, and Bomb Squad, where he throws miniature time bombs, which can gradually damage the enemies. After being powered up, he gains Hold Fast, which can damage direct attackers, and Bob-ombast, which has the ability to damage or kill all enemies on screen.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Ms. Mowz

Ms. Mowz - Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door.png

Ms. Mowz is an optional party member in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She is the manager of the Lovely Howz of Badges in Rogueport. Whenever she isn't running the shop, she's usually out, hunting for rare Badges to sell at her store. After the player takes on her trouble, Ms. Mowz will join Mario's party. Outside of battle, she has the ability to sniff out and locate nearby items. In battle, her standard abilities are Love Slap, which has the ability to pierce enemy defenses, and Kiss Thief, where she could steal items from enemies and add them to Mario's inventory. After being powered up, Ms. Mowz gains Tease and Smooch. Tease is an ability that can make enemies dizzy (much like the Dizzy Dial), while Smooch can refill 10 of Mario's HP.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

SPM Thoreau.png

Thoreau is first Pixl party member in Super Paper Mario that gives Mario a new ability. He is one of the original twelve Pixls involved in the Pixl uprising that took place 1,500 years prior to the events of Super Paper Mario. Thoreau, as with the rest of them, was put in a "hibernation" state, and was locked inside of a treasure chest until awakened by the legendary hero that was mentioned in the Light Prognosticus, which just-so-happened to be Mario. Thoreau was needed in order for Mario to prove to Old Man Watchitt that he was the hero that was mentioned in the Light Prognosticus. Thoreau gives the heroes the ability to hold and throw enemies, similar to Super Mario Bros. 2. He could also be used to press switches that the heroes cannot reach on their own.
Super Paper Mario


Boomer is the second Pixl party member in Super Paper Mario to lend Mario and the rest of the heroes a new ability. As with Thoreau, Boomer was also involved in the Pixl uprising that took place 1,500 years prior to Super Paper Mario. Like Bombette and Admiral Bobbery from the first two Paper Mario titles, Boomer has the ability to destroy enemies by exploding on them, as well as blowing up cracked walls to reveal hidden areas for Mario and the rest of the heroes to access.
Super Paper Mario


Slim is the third Pixl party member to give Mario and the rest of the heroes a new ability in Super Paper Mario. He was another of the twelve Pixls involved in the uprising that took place 1,500 years prior to the game. Slim's ability is slightly similar to Lady Bow's Outta Sight and Vivian's Veil technique, since it allows Mario and company to evade attacks from enemies and obstacles (such as spikes). This ability also allows Mario to go through narrow passageways.
Super Paper Mario


Thudley is the fourth Pixl party member to lend his power to Mario and the rest of the heroes in Super Paper Mario. He, just like all the others, was involved in the Pixl uprising incident that happened 1,500 prior to the game. Thudley allows Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi to use a Ground Pound technique, much like the Spin Jump from the first two Paper Mario titles. This ability allows the heroes to pound pillars (which usually has to be done in a certain order) to access the next area. This ability also does double damage to enemies than an average jump would.
Super Paper Mario


Carrie is the fifth Pixl party member in Super Paper Mario to lend her power to the heroes. Carrie, as with all the others, was involved in the Pixl uprising that took place 1,500 years prior to the game. Unlike most of the others, however, Carrie was not contained within a treasure chest. She was instead locked inside of a jail cell within Fort Francis. Carrie, like Lakilester and Yoshi, gives Mario and the rest of the heroes the ability to move faster and/or cross hazardous areas without taking any damage. She also allows the heroes to damage spiked enemies by jumping on top of them.
Super Paper Mario


Fleep is the sixth Pixl party member in Super Paper Mario to allow the heroes to use his power. Along with the other partner Pixls, he was one of the original twelve and involved in the Pixl uprising. However, unlike the others, he was not necessarily trapped by any force but his own. When the heroes found him, he had been waiting in an outhouse on Planet Blobule for a hundred years because there was no toilet paper. His power can be used to temporarily stun enemies as well as reveal hidden objects/secrets at certain spots.
Super Paper Mario


Cudge is the seventh Pixl party member to lend his power to the four heroes in Super Paper Mario. He, like all the others, was one of the original twelve Pixls that was involved in the Pixl uprising incident. Similar to Carrie, Cudge was not contained within a treasure chest. Instead, he was imprisoned behind a stone block, which required tablets to be inserted in a certain order. Cudge allows the heroes to hit enemies with a Hammer, as well as breaking yellow blocks to access other areas.
Super Paper Mario


Dottie is the eighth and final required Pixl party member to lend power to the four heroes of Super Paper Mario. She was also involved in the Pixl uprising incident that took place 1,500 years prior to the game. As with Carrie and Cudge, Dottie was not contained within a treasure chest. Instead, she was behind a locked door in Floro Caverns, helping Gabbro hide from the Floro Sapiens. Dottie has the ability to shrink the heroes, allowing them to access hidden areas that they're normally too big to get through. This ability also allows the heroes to enter areas without being detected by enemies.
Super Paper Mario


Barry is an optional Pixl party member in Super Paper Mario. He is another of the original twelve Pixls that was involved in the Pixl uprising that took place 1,500 years prior to the events of Super Paper Mario. Barry was first seen in The Bitlands, after Tippi had gotten herself kidnapped by Francis. He stayed behind to give tips to the heroes whenever they were needed. After Francis was defeated, Barry joined Mario's party. He is notable for being the only Pixl who did not have knowledge of the fact that Mario was the hero that was mentioned in the Light Prognosticus. Barry has the ability to briefly surround one of the heroes with a barrier to deal damage against enemies. This ability can also reflect enemy projectiles.
Super Paper Mario

SPM Dashell.png

Dashell is another optional Pixl party member in Super Paper Mario. The player can find him at the bottom of the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, after defeating Wracktail. Dashell gives Mario and the rest of the heroes the ability to run with super speed, much like the NES titles.
Super Paper Mario


Piccolo is the third and final optional Pixl party member in Super Paper Mario. The player can obtain her by doing favors for Merlee, Merluvlee, Bestovius, and Old Man Watchitt. After that, Merlee will award the heroes a key to a locked door in Flopside, where Piccolo is contained inside of a treasure chest. Piccolo has the ability to change the characters' jump sound effects, as well as Bowser's flame. She also has the ability to cure status ailments, as well as putting the Underchomp to sleep.
Super Paper Mario

Main antagonists[edit]

Character Biography First Paper Mario Appearance

Bowser Star Rod Artwork - Paper Mario.png

Bowser is the main antagonist of Paper Mario and Paper Mario: Sticker Star. In the first game, Bowser stole the Star Rod, a magical device that grants wishes, and imprisoned the seven Star Spirits who are supposed to protect said Star Rod. Bowser also used his castle to hijack Princess Peach's Castle, with Peach still in it, and lifted the castle high into the sky. He wished to become invincible and to beat Mario, but the heroic plumber eventually defeated him with the help of the Star Spirits he saved. In the end, Bowser's Castle explodes, Bowser isn't invincible anymore, and the Star Rod is returned to Star Haven. In the 3DS game, on night of the Sticker Fest Bowser decides to steal the Sticker Comet to take it as his own, but in the process breaks the Sticker Comet into pieces sprawling them across the Mushroom Kingdom. A crown happens to fall on his head making him more powerful and he kidnaps Princess Peach. With the help of the sticker fairy, Kersti, Mario retrieves all the stickers that have spread across the land and rescued Princess Peach from Bowser, who is also aided by Bowser Jr. and Kamek.
Paper Mario
Sir Grodus


Sir Grodus appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is the ruthless leader of the X-Nauts, an extraterrestrial organization whose sole mission is to conquer the world. Throughout the entire course of the game, Grodus and his minions were seeking the Crystal Stars in order to open The Thousand-Year Door. Grodus intended to use the "treasure" that lies behind the door to aid him in his quest for world domination. As it turns out, this "treasure" is a demon who destroyed Rogueport 1,000 years ago, and caused the town to sink underground. Grodus intended to use her powers to destroy the world and remake it in his own image. However, the demon - the Shadow Queen - partially destroyed him, but was finally killed by Mario and his party. The last time Grodus was seen was in Poshley Heights. He is no longer evil, and is just a head due to the Shadow Queen's attack.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


Beldam is the leader of the Shadow Sirens in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She is a demon over 1,000 years old who once worked under the Shadow Queen. She serves Sir Grodus for the majority of the game. But in the end, it is revealed that she is the one who orchestrated the events, using the X-Nauts as pawns. She spread rumors of a fake treasure and found a pure maiden, all in order to resurrect the Shadow Queen, making her the true mastermind of the game. After the Shadow Queen is defeated, she renounces her evil ways and lives with her sisters in Twilight Town.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Shadow Queen

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The Shadow Queen is the final Boss of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Many years before this game's events took place, she came into the Mushroom World, intent on enslaving it and becoming its ruler. Her ambitions were thwarted by four heroes. They sealed her up using the Crystal Stars, and trapped her in the Palace of Shadows where her soul would sleep for one thousand years. She is reborn by Sir Grodus, the leader of the X-Nauts, but she almost destroys him. She then possesses Princess Peach's body, but she's weakened by the Crystal Stars and is destroyed at Mario's hands.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Count Bleck

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Count Bleck is the main villain of Super Paper Mario. His goal is to use power of the Chaos Heart to wipe out all of existence, and every dimension; he does so because he's lost his love, Lady Timpani, and lost his sanity. Following the instructions of the Dark Prognosticus, Count Bleck got Peach and Bowser married in order to create the Chaos Heart, which would form The Void, a black hole that slowly eats every world until nothing exists anymore. Although he promised his minions that he'd recreate a better world after that, a world where there would be no war, he actually didn't plan to do anything like that and rather wanted to destroy everything that separated him from Timpani: everything, even himself. However, in the end, he was betrayed by Dimentio, reunited with Timpani (who became Tippi), and he sacrificed himself in the end to save the worlds, although he may be still alive.
Super Paper Mario


Dimentio is the final boss and the true main antagonist of Super Paper Mario. His plans were to take over the universe by destroying the current one and rebuilding it in his own image, but in order to do that, he needed to side with Count Bleck and his minions. Throughout the course of the game, he played both sides of the battle, using and manipulating both the heroes and Count Bleck's army to do his evil bidding. His plan all along was to steal the Chaos Heart from Count Bleck, in which he did after the heroes defeated him. Afterwards, he brainwashed Luigi with a Floro Sprout, and then combined Luigi, the Chaos Heart, and himself to create Super Dimentio. However, he was weakened by the Pure Hearts and finally died, while leaving Luigi alive. However, he could still control the Chaos Heart, and Count Bleck and Tippi had to sacrifice themselves to stop it.
Super Paper Mario

Similarities between the games[edit]

Artwork of all the Paper Mario games
  • In all the games, Mario has to fight one or more of his allies at least once. In Paper Mario he fights Lakilester, in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door he fights Vivian along with her sisters and the tricked Goombella, Koops, Flurrie and Yoshi with Doopliss, in Super Paper Mario he fights Bowser and Mr. L (Luigi) twice each, and in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, each Wiggler Segment is fought.
  • In all the console games, Mario is able to temporarily transform into an 8-bit version of himself.
  • Each console game has someone telling a long story with Mario falling asleep. When he wakes up, the storyteller asks if he's been listening, followed by Mario lying by nodding. In Paper Mario, Madam Merlar tells the story. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Luigi and the shopkeeper in Twilight Town tell the stories. In Super Paper Mario, Merlumina tells the story.
  • All four games involve 1 or more giant Bloopers as a boss.
  • All four games involve a grassland setting followed by a fortress of some sorts during the first chapter or area in the game.
  • All four games involve an exotic world in the fifth chapter.
    • Additionally, Super Paper Mario is the only game where the fifth chapter does not feature a tropical island setting.
  • All four games has at least one game show event. In Paper Mario there was the 64th Trivia Quiz-Off, in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door there was the two Super Fun Quirk Quizes, in Super Paper Mario there was "That's My Merlee!" Show, and in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, there was Snifit or Whiffit.
  • In all four games, the final boss is a powerful version of a member of the team of Super Paper Mario: in the first game is an invincible and giant Bowser, in the second one is Princess Peach possessed by the Shadow Queen, in the third one is a mixture of Dimentio, the Chaos Heart and Mr. L, and in the fourth one another invincible and giant Bowser.
  • All four games had a remix of the Super Star theme play somewhere. In Paper Mario, when Mario runs around a certain Candy Cane, the theme will start playing. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, when playing the Bowser segments, if the player collects enough Meat in a level, Bowser grows huge and the theme plays. In Super Paper Mario, when the player obtains a Mega Star, the theme plays, and in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, the theme plays when the player grabs a Star.


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