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The minigame logo.

Mario Chase is a minigame from the Wii U title, Nintendo Land. The game is a refined version of the Wii U demo Chase Mii.


Character artwork for Mario Chase.
Mario Chase

The gameplay involves players using Wii Remote to chase another user using the GamePad. The characters of Mario Chase are Miis dressed up in popular Mario themed costumes.

The Mii chasers using the Wii Remote are dressed up as a Blue Toad for player 1, a Purple Toad for player 2, a Green Toad for player 3, and Yellow Toad for player 4, while the Mii on the run using the GamePad is dressed up as Mario. When there is only 1 player on the Toad side, they are loaned two Yoshi carts from another Nintendo Land minigame, Yoshi's Fruit Cart, and can help stun the player dressed as Mario with their tongue, giving the single chasing player a chance to catch them. Each arena is divided into four different colored sections, blue (Star), red (Mushroom), yellow (Super Leaf) and green (Fire Flower). The Yoshi carts can also remotely tell the player dressed as Blue Toad which fourth of the course Mario is in. After the first 30 seconds of the match, a Starman will appear at the center of the field, that can be used by the Mii dressed as Mario to make him invincible for a short amount of time. The music will speed up twice during the match, at sixty seconds and thirty seconds.


  • +Control Pad/Control Stick: Run
  • Two Button: Tackle (Toads only)


Chase Arena[edit]

Left: Map of the stage used in 2 or 3 player mode. Right: Map of the stage used in 4 or 5 player mode.

A relatively simple octagonal shaped arena with many colored blocks scattered throughout, where the placement of these blocks are mirrored on the east and west sides. As all terrain is mainly identical save for very gentle slopes, this arena makes for a good practice arena for beginners. The music played here is a remix of the athletic theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.

When played with 2 or 3 players, the arena goes under drastic changes compared to the other arenas. The stage is overall much smaller, it is now rounded instead of octagonal, there are much less blocks around the stage which are now slightly curved and the platforms that link to the corners of the starting point can now be jumped off onto the regular part of the stage, as such they can no longer be used to trap Mario.

Mud River Run[edit]

Left: Map of the stage used in 2 or 3 player mode. Right: Map of the stage used in 4 or 5 player mode.

This is a unique arena in the game, being much less blocky compared to the other arenas and having an odd shape. The most significant feature of this arena is the mud that fills some of the stage, being poured out onto the arena by four Warp Pipes in the background. The mud makes any player slow down if one walks into it. Bridges connect the four sections preventing the player from slowing down, which disappear permanently if the player with the GamePad walks across one, the Toads can walk across them an infinite number of times if Mario hasn't yet walked across them. This can be used to slow the Toads down if they are chasing closely behind Mario. In 2 or 3 player mode, the basic layout of the stage is identical, the only major differences are the size and the curves on the edge of the arena are not as sharp. The background music for this arena is a remix of the athletic theme from Super Mario World.

Slide Hill[edit]

Left: Map of the stage used in 2 or 3 player mode. Right: Map of the stage used in 4 or 5 player mode.

This course's main feature are the many slides found throughout, a total of fourteen (six in the 2 and 3 player version) which make the players move significantly faster while losing all control until they reach the bottom. The Toads can catch Mario by surprise if done with the right timing. While the characters will normally slide sitting down, the Toads can slide head-first by diving onto the slide. Mario can do this as well, but only if a Yoshi cart where to push him over at the right spot. The Yoshi carts will spin out if they go down one of the slides. None of the slides can be walked up, if one tries to they will fall over and slide back down. The music played on this arena is fittingly a remix of the slide theme from Super Mario 64.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Mario a la fuga Escaping Mario
French Mario en fuite Mario on the run
Dutch Mario op de vlucht Mario on the run
German Jagd auf Mario Hunt for Mario
Italian Sulle orme di Mario On Mario's trail
Portuguese Mario em Fuga Mario on the Run
Russian Поймайте Марио! Catch Mario!