Mario Teaches Typing 2

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Mario Teaches Typing 2
Developer(s) Interplay, Brainstorm (PC)
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) MS-DOS, PC, Mac OS
Release date USA October 31st, 1996
Genre Educational
ESRB:ESRB K-A.png - Kids to Adults
Mode(s) Single player
Home Computer System:
Media CD icon.png Optical disc
Home Computer System:

Mario Teaches Typing 2 is the sequel to Mario Teaches Typing. It was released on October 31, 1996[1]. This sequel includes several new features, including a certificate of achievement, a keyboard that is color-coded for easy reference, an on-screen keyboard, specially customizable lesson plans, and new levels. Additionally, Mario's face also makes small talk with the player throughout the levels. Many of Mario's face's antics in this game are cultural references. This is also the last educational Mario game to be released.


Mario and Luigi were walking by Bowser's Castle one day when a mysterious typewriter appeared in front of them suddenly. To their amazement, the typewriter starts typing by itself. When it is finished, Mario takes the paper out of the typewriter and right before his eyes, it transforms into a scroll. The scroll reads:

"The Magical Typewriter is the key to beating Bowser. You must type the magic words onto the scroll to cast the spell which will destroy Bowser's Castle.
"Be forewarned, however, that if the magic words are not typed exactly, the Magical Typewriter will self-destruct into pieces."

The Magical Typewriter then floats in front of Mario. Taking the warning to heart, Mario pockets the scroll and begins typing. However, he proves to be a terrible typist:

Koooppa tTrupa pparraTroopaa Bbow
An in-game screenshot.

Before Mario can go on any further, the Magical Typewriter explodes into three pieces, which land in different places. One piece fell into the river, another fell somewhere on Mario and Luigi's side of the river, and the last one fell on the other side of the river. Mario and Luigi decide to recover all of the pieces and improve Mario's typing skills in order to type the spell correctly and ensure their victory.

As Mario and Luigi get the first piece from a dim Koopa Troopa, a Red Koopa Troopa detonates the river bridge with TNT and takes one of the pieces back to Bowser's Castle. Mario then dons a snorkel and dives into the river attempting to get the piece that fell into the river. Luigi goes in also after defeating some Cheep Cheep that are attacking Mario.

Mario and Luigi, in their snorkels, dive to a sunken ship in the river, taking the typewriter piece from a snoozing octopus. However, the octopus awakens and chases the brothers, though they escape through the ship's windows.

Mario and Luigi then walk up to Bowser's Castle and knock on the door. They are surprised when the castle turns out to be alive, and swallows them. Mario and Luigi run into several traps until finally defeating some Koopas playing poker for the final typewriter piece. The Bros. then escape from the castle, and Mario types on the restored typewriter:

Koopa Troopa paratroopa Bowser's Castle go kablooka!

A giant typewriter suddenly falls from the sky and destroys Bowser's Castle. Mario and Luigi celebrate.


  • Mario's Smash and Dash - for beginners.
  • Mario's Wet World Challenge - for the intermediate typers.
  • Mario's Tunnel of Doom - for the advanced players.
  • Mario's Expert Express - the hardest level.


Audio.png Mario thanks the player for choosing the game.
MTT2 - Mario Thanks the Player.ogg

File info
Audio.png Mario sings "That's Amore" for the player. His second line, "When an eel lunges out, and he takes a bite of your snout, that's a moray!" more resembles a parody of the song featured in Spider Robinson's book The Callahan Touch.
Mtt2 - Mario Sings and Says the Funny.ogg

File info
Audio.png Mario references a particular LifeCall commercial.
Mtt2 - Mario and Life Alert.ogg

File info
Audio.png Mario flies for the player.
MTT2 - Mario Flies For You.ogg

File info
Audio.png Mario admires the computer.
MTT2 - Mario Admires the Computer.ogg

File info
Audio.png Mario says bye to the player.
MTT2 - Mario Says Goodbye.ogg

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  • Mario's "I'm a videogame!" routine involves bouncing across the screen and making simplistic noises when hitting the sides, imitating Pong, an early arcade game.


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