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Mario Golf: World Tour
Box NA - Mario Golf World Tour.jpg
Developer(s) Camelot Software Planning
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release date Japan May 1, 2014[1]
USA May 2, 2014[2]
Europe May 2, 2014[3]
Australia May 3, 2014[4]
Genre Sport
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
Mode(s) TBC
Nintendo 3DS:
Nintendo 3DS:

Mario Golf: World Tour is an upcoming sport title for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the fifth installment of the Mario Golf series, and it has been announced that the game will feature gyroscope support. The game will also feature Wi-Fi capabilities.[5]


The gameplay will be similar to past installments of the Mario Golf series. Players will have to hit shots while taking into account character attributes, wind, weather, and course topography. The power, accuracy, and spin of shots are determined by the timing when the player taps buttons on the touch screen as a target line slides up and down the power meter.[6] A simplified control system, like the Auto control system from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, will return where the player only has to worry about the power of the shot. The touch screen can now be used for selecting clubs, initiating shots, and adding spin. As well, the trajectory of the shot can be altered by moving the control stick or by using the touch screen as the character winds up their shot; this is similar to the impact zone feature of past games. A new feature known as Item Shots will allow players to hit shots with different effects via items. These include burning through trees with a Fire Flower, creating Jump Blocks over water hazards, ignoring wind via Bullet Bill, increasing draw or fade by Boomerang, and freezing the terrain with an Ice Flower.[7] These items can be collected by hitting Question Blocks on the course, although players sometimes start holes with items.

There will be two main modes of play: Castle Club and Quick Round. Castle Club will be a story mode where the player plays as their Mii and tackles through different tournaments (similar to the story modes from previous handheld Mario Golf games). Using coins, the player will be able to buy equipment for their Mii that will affect their stats such as drive distance and shot trajectory, similar to the Mii customization feature in Mario Tennis Open[8]. Quick Round will be similar to past Mario Golf games, where the player can select a Mario character or their customized Mii. Quick Round will feature a variety of modes such as Single Player, Match Play, Speed Golf, and Point Play. Most if not all of these modes will provide coins for the player.[9]

Other modes

Other modes will be include like previous games, and will reward the player with Coins and Star Coins, which, when enough are collected, will unlock new courses. These modes include:

Ring Master - Similar to the previous games, players will try to collect all the rings in a course while making it under par.
Star Coin Collector - Collect Star Coins and achieve a par or less.
Point Challenge - Like Club Slots, the player will play with a limited set of clubs while aiming for the best score possible.


This game will feature various types of multiplayer. Local play is available for up to four players, but it does not support download play. During multiplayer, all players play at the same time, which will speed play up significantly because players will not have to wait until it is their turn to play. However, all players must finish the hole before they are allowed to move on. Players can see the ghost shots of other players and on-screen icons will also show how the player's shots measure with the other players' in terms of distance. Players can send taunts or cheers to each other by pressing icons, as well as emoticons.[10]


Mario Golf: World Tour will also feature pre-made tournaments made by Nintendo. Winners of tournaments will receive coins to buy gear from the Toad Shop. When a new tournament is about to begin, the player will receive Spotpass notifications. There will also be tournaments which can be created, similar to the communities in Mario Kart 7, or players can be matched with opponents of a similar skill level, like in Mario Tennis Open. Callaway Golf has also teamed up with Nintendo to produce Callaway-based tournaments, which will give the players sponsored Callaway Gear for the Mii to equip.[11] Below is a table of some of the current confirmed tournaments:

Name Date Participation prizes
Callaway Tournament 1 22/05/2014 to 11/06/2014 Legacy Black Clubs and Legacy Black Ball
Callaway Tournament 2 12/06/2014 to 02/07/2014 Callaway Combo 1
Callaway Tournament 3 03/07/2014 to 23/07/2014 X Hot Clubs and ERC Crystal Yellow Ball
Callaway Tournament 4 24/07/2014 to 13/08/2014 Callaway Combo 2
Callaway Tournament 5 14/08/2014 to 03/09/2014 Filly Clubs and ERC Pearl Pink Ball



Currently, it is known that a total of at least 17 playable characters will be in the game. These characters consist of 13 default characters, as well as 4 unlockable characters.[12]





Various items can be used during gameplay to affect the player's shots.

Customizable gear

Main article: Mario Golf: World Tour Mii Gear

There is a variety of purchasable gear that can be used to customize the player's Mii that will affect their stats.[23]. The game will have 500 customizable gear items. If a player equips a Mii with a full character gear set the Mii will play similarly to that character.[24]

Golf clubs

  • Normal Clubs
  • Mario Clubs
  • Luigi Clubs
  • Wario Clubs[25]
  • Waluigi Clubs
  • Yoshi Clubs
  • Peach Clubs
  • Daisy Clubs
  • Birdo Clubs
  • Mushroom Clubs
  • Goomba Clubs[26]
  • Banana Clubs
  • Cheep Cheep Clubs

Clothing combos

  • Normal Combo
  • Green Shell Combo
  • Banana Combo
  • Thwomp Combo[27]
  • Chain Chomp Combo
  • Blooper Combo
  • Lakitu Combo

Golf balls

  • Normal Ball
  • Wario Ball
  • Mario Ball
  • Boo Ball
  • Peach Ball[28]
  • Thwomp Ball
  • Mushroom Ball [29]
  • Toad Ball [30]


  • Normal Cap
  • Yoshi Cap
  • Green Shell Visor
  • Banana Visor
  • Chain Chomp Visor[31]
  • Peach Visor
  • Mario Visor


  • Normal Shirt
  • a black shirt with white spots[32]


  • Yoshi Gloves
  • Peach Gloves
  • Mario Gloves [33]


  • Normal Pants
  • black pants with white spots


  • Yoshi Shoes
  • Green Shell Shoes
  • Banana Shoes
  • ? Block Shoes
  • Peach Shoes
  • Mario Shoes


Like in Mario Tennis Open, costumes will be unlocked by achieving special criteria.[34]

  • Mario Costume [35]
  • Luigi Costume
  • Donkey Kong Costume
  • Wario Costume
  • Waluigi Costume
  • Daisy Costume
  • Bowser Costume



On the 17th of April, a demo of the game was released on the Nintendo eShop for Europe, making this the second strictly Mario game (preceded by Mario & Luigi: Dream Team) to have a publicly released demo for download. It uses 873 blocks when downloaded and offers ten uses. The demo lets the player go through a tutorial covering camera and shot control or play through either holes 1, 2, and 3 of Seaside Course, holes 1, 2, and 6 of Wiggler Park, and holes 1, 5, and 6 of Yoshi Lake. The demo also allows the player to play the Star Coin Collector mode on hole 9 of Peach Gardens, and the Ring Master mode on hole 14 of Mountain Course.


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