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Nabbit, holding a Mushroom bag.
Full Name Nabbit
Species Rabbit
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. U (2012)
Latest Appearance New Super Luigi U (2013)

Nabbit is an enemy introduced in New Super Mario Bros. U and a playable character in New Super Luigi U. The name "Nabbit" is a play on the words "nab" and "rabbit". Nabbit is a thief who steals items from Toad Houses and runs away with them in his bag. His appearance is that of a purple creature with round eyes, long ears, and black limbs. He also wears a white handkerchief with a drawing of a large mouth with sharpened teeth, similar to Bowser Jr.'s mask, as well as orange shoes and white gloves.


New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

In New Super Mario Bros. U, Nabbit appears throughout several levels. When encountered by Mario and friends, they must chase him throughout the course within 100 seconds. The heroes can also toss Koopa Shells at Nabbit or slide into him to stun him temporarily; or throw fireballs to stop him. When Nabbit is caught, Toad will take the P-Acorn out of the bag and give it to the player as a reward. If players fail to catch him three times, Nabbit will flee and disappear until conditions are met.

Nabbit appears in every world, except Peach's Castle and Superstar Road, and catching him in each of these worlds will add a star to the player's save file. Once he is caught in the necessary worlds, he will still appear in the same levels as before after playing three levels.

The player can first find Nabbit in seven levels:

Nabbit stealing an item.

He also appears if the player takes too long to open the chest after defeating the enemies in an enemy course, in which case he will steal the item from the chest.

New Super Luigi U[edit]

Nabbit with the heroes finish a level in New Super Luigi U.

Nabbit reappears in New Super Luigi U, this time as a new playable character (replacing Mario from the original game). Unlike other playable characters, Nabbit cannot use power-ups or ride Yoshis, but he is immune to all enemy attacks,[1] though he can still get knocked back by tougher enemies, such as Grrrols. Also, despite his immunity to enemy attacks, Nabbit can still lose lives by falling into lava, poison water, an abyss, simply getting crushed by certain obstacles, getting eaten by a Cheep Chomp, or running out of time.

The power-ups he collects are released as 1-Up Mushrooms at the end of the level.[2] In single player mode, Luigi must chase him like in the original. Nabbit can also be playable anytime in single player mode by holding Classic Controller ZL button on the Gamepad or the Pro Controller or holding the B button on the Wii Remote while entering any level, except the Flying Squirrel Ovation level in Superstar Road world where Mii can be played as instead of Nabbit.

Also, Nabbit still comes and steals the item from a chest if the player waits too long to collect a chest despite being on Luigi's side. If the player is playing as Nabbit, the screen fades after taking too long.

Mario Golf: World Tour[edit]

Nabbit is set to appear for the first time in the Mario Golf series, as well as his first spin-off appearance, in Mario Golf: World Tour as a DLC-exclusive bonus character[3]. He is obtained by purchasing the Flower Pack.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トッテン
Part of Totta meaning to take
Spanish Caco Gazapo Thief Rabbit
French (NOA) Chipin Portmanteau of "chiper" (swiping) and "lapin" (rabbit).
French (NOE) Carottin Portmanteau of "carotte" and "lapin".
Dutch Nabbit Same as the English name
German Mopsie from mopsen (filch)
Italian Ruboniglio Rubare (rob) and coniglio (rabbit) put together.
Portuguese Coelharápio From "coelho" (rabbit) and "larápio" (thief).
Russian Кралик
From "кролик" (rabbit) and "красть" (to steal).



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