Air Cannon

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Bowser's Inside Story Enemy
Air Cannon
BiSAir Cannon.png
Location(s) Airway
Battled by
HP 254/381
Power 160/400
Defense 98/147
Speed 53/80
Stat Down?
Coins 100
Item Drop Max Nut
Internal ID 0x62

The Air Cannon is an enemy that can only be found inside the Airway in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story when pursuing the Dark Star. It is a teal-colored egg creature that has been influenced by the Dark Star, and operates a red Bill Blaster-like cannon.

From the cannon, the egg creature will shoot white, airy Bullet Bills in two different ways. In the first way, the Air Cannon will shoot some Bullet Bills randomly at Mario or Luigi. The Bullet Bills may come straight on or fly in a small loop. Occasionally, they may "disappear," but they actually turn invisible. With key timing, the plumbers will need to jump over the Bullet Bills to avoid taking damage. Their second attack involves shooting three Bullet Bills into the air. The Bullet Bills perform a loop-de-loop and head towards one of the bros. However, as the Bullet Bills come down, they will turn invisible. The bro will need to hammer the Bullet Bills with key timing in order to avoid taking damage. Once the cannon is defeated, the creature operating it will flee, but it will come back in a few turns if the battle has not ended, wielding a new cannon.

The creature operating the cannon looks very much like a Dark Satellmite.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エアほうだい
Ea Hōdai
Air Gun
Spanish (NOA) Cañón de Aire Air Cannon
Spanish (NOE) Aerobiono From aerobio (aerobic).
French Aéro-Bill Boum From aéro- (in the air) and Bill Boum, French name for Bill Blaster.
Italian Aerocannone "Aero" (Air),"Cannone" (Cannon)