Bowser Jr. Space

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Bowser Jr. Space
MP9 Bowser Jr Space.png
Purpose Forces the player to play a Bowser Jr. minigame.
First Appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)

Bowser Jr. Spaces are a variant of minigame spaces in Mario Party 9. When landed on (for a human captain), Bowser Jr. will appear and challenge the captain, as well as a randomly chosen second player, to a Bowser Jr. minigame. The second player can be either a CPU player or a second human player.

However, if a CPU captain lands on this space, Bowser Jr. will always force a human player to play his minigame with the CPU captain. This is likely done to reduce giving human players chances of winning, and to not have CPU-only minigame play.

If the team wins, they get five Mini Stars each; if Bowser Jr. wins, he will take five Mini Stars from both players.

Bowser Jr. randomly picks one minigame out of all of them and asks the captain if he or she is "sure" that's the minigame they want to play. If the captain (also a CPU captain) says "No", Jr. will simply pick another minigame. When this happens, the second minigame Bowser Jr. chose is what the players must play.

If only two players are playing, however, this space will not be present. Likewise, there are no Bowser Jr. Spaces in the DK's Jungle Ruins board.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Casilla Bowsy Bowser Jr. Space
French Case Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. Space