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Bowser's Inside Story Enemy
Location(s) Plack Beach
HP 157
Power 60
Defense 57
Speed 88
Experience 260
Coins 55
Items Super Nut (5%)
Gear Lazy Scarf (30%)
Related None

Pendrils are penguins with drills instead of beaks who appear at Plack Beach in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. They resemble Bumpties from the Yoshi series, save for their beaks, which is reference by their name, which comes from "penguin" and "drill".

Pendrils battle Mario and Luigi by diving underground and then popping out of the ground before nose diving into one of the Mario Bros. Sometimes when they resurface, a rock will be stuck on their nose. If one of the Mario Bros. attack them with the rock stuck on them, the rock will shatter and a Bob-omb will run at the one who attacked. Eventually, the Pendril will dive back into the ground and have the rock off them. Pendrils are sometimes paired with Drillbit Crabs in battle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドリペン
From English "drill" and 「ペンギン」 pengin, "penguin".
Spanish (NOA) Pinforador Pun on Pingüino (Penguin) and Perforador (Drill)
Spanish (NOE) Talagüino Pun on Taladro (Drill) and Pingüino (Penguin).
French Pingouvrille From Pingouin (Penguin) and Vrille (Tendril)
German Bohr-Pingu From Bohrer (Drill) and Pinguin (Penguin)
Italian Trivellino Little Drill