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Bowser's Inside Story Enemy
Calorite Bis.png
Location(s) Flab Zone
Battled by
HP 85/128
Power 37/93
Defense 28/42
Speed 18/27
Fire Normal
Burn? Normal
Dizzy? Half
Stat Down? Double
KO? Normal
Experience 40
Coins 20
Item Drop Refreshing Herb, Nut
Internal ID

Calorites are fiery monsters found inside the Flab Zone of Bowser's body in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. They will use the two logs in their hands to increase the power of their flames, and then the Calorite will begin rolling while shooting flames at Mario and Luigi. This attack can be avoided if the heroes simply jump over the flames. If they are hit by this attack, they might get a burn and lose a few turns, unable to dodge or counterattack. Calorites are also able to eat Tenderlings and turn them into additional Calorites.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カロリン
From "calorie".
Spanish (NOA) Calorita -
Spanish (NOE) Calorio From Caloría, meaning calorie. Some Spanish given names end in -io.
German Kaloring Pun on Kalorien (calories) and ringen (wrestling)


  • The Calorite is the only regular enemy in the game that can inflict the Burn status ailment on Mario and Luigi.
  • The fire and burning powers of the Calorite reference the real life calorie, which is measurement of heat used to gauge the energy content of food.
  • Unlike most fire enemies in the Mario & Luigi series, the Calorites are not immune to fire and they take damage from Mario and Luigi's Fire Flower attack.
  • The Calorite could be a reference the Blazing Shroob as both have rapidly moving legs and both have fire on their heads.