Fawful Express

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Bowser's Inside Story Enemy
Fawful Express
Location(s) Tunnel
Battled by
HP 885/1328
Power 294/735
Defense 130/195
Speed 30/45
Fire Normal
Burn? Immune
Dizzy? Immune
Stat Down? Immune
KO? Immune
Experience 3,500
Coins 1,000
Item Drop Star Candy
Internal ID Unknown or N/A
The Fawful Express.

The Fawful Express is a giant train with a Fawful face in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. In the game, Bowser meets up with the Monty Bros. he encountered in the Tunnel who drive the Fawful Express, telling Bowser that they had switched sides and were working for Fawful the entire time. They then drive the train into Bowser, forcing the Mario brothers to make him giant. After becoming giant, Bowser faces off against the Fawful Express.

The train turns around, and attempts to reach the rickety bridge in 100 "kilomoles." if Bowser does not defeat the train by the time it reaches the bridge, he will fall into the valley, resulting in a game over. The train is too small to be able to punch, so the only way to defeat the train is with Bowser's fire breath. the train makes a certain amount of stops during the chase, during which Bowser has 2 whole turns to act, and the train having 1 attack. after the 2nd turn of Bowser, it will move to the next station.

The first 2 stations, the train will unleash small hordes of Choombas, which will charge into Bowser. He must use the stylus to tap on one of the 3 dots that appear on the screen to squash the Choombas. occasionally, a Mushroom will appear. After the 2 stations, the train will reach a small spiky mountain, where it will fire a missile over and at Bowser. Similar to the Tower of Yikk, Bowser must repeatedly tap the mountain to punch it until it crumbles, evading the missile.

The Fawful Express then hides inside a living mountain, called Fawful Mountain, which Bowser must defeat in order to move on with the main battle. The Monty Moles can repair the express while in the mountain, but if Bowser burns the mountain with fire breath, the train inside will lose some health. after the mountain is destroyed, the train flees to another spiky mountain, which Bowser must also destroy.

The final 2 stations feature an attack where a group of Monty Moles with jetpacks carry Fawful Bombs. Bowser must time his punch so that he hits the lead mole while the other moles are all aligned, causing all of them to drop their bombs and heavily damage the train. The final station is Grand Central, and Bowser has 2 more turns to attack before time is up. If he wins, the train explodes, and a chunk of debris defeats the Monty Bros. as well.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲラエクスプレス
Gera Ekusupuresu
Gera Express, Gera being short for Fawful's Japanese name, Gerakobits.
Spanish (NOA) Expreso Fawful Fawful Express
Spanish (NOE) Gracoexpress From Grácovitz, which is Fawful's European Spanish name and Express
French (NOA) Faffreux Express Faffreux (F + Affreux (Awful), which is Fawful's canadian name) + Express
French (NOE) Gracowitz Express
German Krankexpress "Krank" from Fawful's German name "Krankfried" and the English "Express"
Italian Sogghigno Express From Fawful's Italian name, Sogghigno