Dark Fawful

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Bowser's Inside Story Enemy
Dark Fawful
Location(s) Peach's Castle
HP 1,736/2,604 (with challenge medal)
Power 334/835 (with challenge medal)
Defense 184/276
Speed 48/72
Experience 7,500
Coins 1,600
Items Star Candy
Gear Lucky Charm
Related Fawful, Dark Star

Dark Fawful is the revamped version of Fawful and the semifinal boss of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. In this form, Fawful has greater powers and an altered appearance, featuring red glasses, a cloak that resembles the one worn by his old mistress Cackletta, and his Vacuum Helmet that seemingly has a life of its own.

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story[edit]

Fawful shows off his Headgear and Dark Star detector.

Fawful transforms into Dark Fawful after stealing the Dark Star and absorbing some of its power, which increases his own powers. After Bowser defeats Super Peach's Castle, Dark Fawful quickly engages him in battle, which takes place in the Conference Hall, the same area Mario and Luigi fought Bowser during the first tutorial battle.



Dark Fawful's attacks vary slightly depending on whether or not Dark Fawful has been severely damaged and/or whether his headgear is still present. One of his attacks is to have his headgear grab the chandelier and swing Dark Fawful at Bowser; this attack can be countered by punching Dark Fawful, but punching him several times will cause Dark Fawful to swing back behind Bowser in an attempt to ram him, forcing Bowser to duck. An alternative attack involves Dark Fawful pulling out his ray gun and firing eight stars that proceed to orbit around the screen: one will be large and pink initially, and Bowser must punch that star to blow all the others up and avoid taking damage. Another attack Dark Fawful performs while detached from his headgear involves Dark Fawful flying to the top of the screen and creating four portals - one on Dark Fawful's left and right, one above Bowser, and another one next to Bowser. Dark Fawful will then proceed to toss energy orbs through the portals: if he shoots an orb through the portal on his left, Bowser will have to duck, while Bowser will have to punch the orb if Dark Fawful shoots it through the portal on his right. All of these orbs can lower Bowser's defense if they hit him. The headgear will move Dark Fawful out of the way of Bowser's punch and fire attacks and will regularly heal Dark Fawful for 300 HP until it detaches itself from Dark Fawful.

After Dark Fawful's headgear is destroyed and/or he starts taking a substantial amount of damage, Dark Fawful can now fire as many as ten stars from his ray gun, the stars can be arranged differently, and the pink star turns into a regular purple star when orbiting at ground level. Dark Fawful starts shooting out more energy orbs now, and can reverse the portals which he shoots them through, causing the orbs to come out at the opposite portal from what was originally the case. Dark Fawful can also hold his hand up and summon four dark energy orbs, each one orbiting him. Bowser must rapidly punch at least four Goombas at Fawful through the energy orbs (Goombas which hit the energy orbs will not harm Fawful) to stop him from launching the orbs at Bowser, which lower Bowser's defense, and deal significant damage to him. However, Dark Fawful can take considerable damage from Bowser launching the Goombas at him. When Dark Fawful is at critical health, he will spawn one more energy orb in front of him, moving in a vertical direction, making the timing for Bowser to launch the Goombas at Dark Fawful harder without them being stopped by both the energy orbs surrounding Dark Fawful, and the one moving vertically.

However, if Bowser's power is high enough, Dark Fawful can be defeated without his headgear being inhaled. After he is defeated, the Vacuum Helmet will run away.

Dark Fawful prepares to use his Energy Ball attack.

After he is defeated, Dark Fawful will become unstable, collapse into the Dark Fawful Bug, and flee the room. As soon as he enters the next room, he is forcibly inhaled by the incomplete Dark Bowser and becomes the Dark Star Core, which must be battled as a final boss.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダークゲラコビッツ
Dāku Gerakobittsu
Dark Gerakobits; "Gerakobits" being the Japanese name of Fawful.
Spanish (NOA) Fawful Oscuro Dark Fawful
Spanish (NOE) Grácovitz Oscuro Dark Fawful
French (NOA) Faffreux Noir Black Fawful
French (NOE) Gracowitz Noir Black Fawful
German Finster Krankfried Dark Fawful
Italian Sogghigno Oscuro Dark Fawful


  • During the battle, one of Dark Fawful's attacks is shooting multiple stars that move circularly around the room until counterattacked. This move is similar to the move Princess Shroob uses after passing her half-way mark in her Max HP, but Princess Shroob creates just one star-like attack, while Dark Fawful creates multiple from his ray gun.
  • If the challenge medal is equipped, Dark Fawful's orbiting dark energy ball attack is the only Bowser boss attack that can reliably OHKO Bowser (something it probably will do if Bowser is not very overleveled for the fight).