Pump Works

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Mario and Luigi in the Pump Works.
Not to be confused with Pipe Works.
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Pump Works is a location inside Bowser's body in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story that appears to be in Bowser's esophagus. This area is accessed to Mario and Luigi when Bowser drinks water from the Sea Pipe Statue in Plack Beach. Once Bowser drinks the water, this area will flood. Once he stops drinking, it will sink. Mario and Luigi travel here to search for Princess Peach, but they find Toadsworth. This area also features Attack Pieces, that once gathered all the ten pieces, Mario and Luigi will learn to use the Fire Flower. Also, it has an obstacle(a cannon that launches food for a giant Chombone) that is required to obtain the Stingler, so they can open up other areas of Bowser's body.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポンプスペース
Ponpu Supēsu
Pump Space
Spanish (NOA) Hidrozona Hidrozone
Spanish (NOE) Sala Pomposa Bubbly Room
French (NOE) Zone hydrique Fluid zone
German Pumpenkammer Pump Chamber
Italian Sacca Vascolare Vascular Sac