Dimble Wood

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Dimble Wood
Dimble Wood.PNG
Greater Location Mushroom Kingdom
Capital n/a
Ruler n/a
Inhabitants Wigglers, Scutlets, Sockops, Treevils, Trashures, Leaf Guys
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
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Dimble Wood is a location from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It is the largest area in the game and a dense forest filled with many trees, rock formations, and a lot of stone statues of Wigglers. It is north of Plack Beach and east of Bumpsy Plains. It is first seen in the beginning of the game, being the area where Bowser is fed the Lucky Shroom by Fawful. This is the third area Bowser traverses and also one of the areas the Mario Bros. traverse later in the game. Broque Monsieur's shop located here where Bowser can shop and give Broque the Blitties he has found This is where Bowser will obtain his first attack, Goomba Storm, in this area. Bowser also fights Wiggler in this area as well as his castle in this area as a giant boss. Mario and Luigi also travel in this area to obtain the 10 Attack Pieces to form the Snack Basket.

It consists of three sections. One of them is a forest full of trees. Bowser goes through this part when he is heading for his castle. The second part consists of a large carrot farm owned by the Wiggler Family and it is here where Bowser competes in a carrot minigame where he has to eat a giant carrot he has pulled out of the giant hole, thinking it was big enough for ammo (it was actually too big). Bowser also has a boss battle against Wiggler here. The third part is full of thorns in the floor, and this is where Mario and Luigi look for the Attack Pieces. There is also a small tutorial area only visited by Bowser, where he learns his basic moves but the Bros. can visit here to collect Beans.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エクボンの森
Ekubon no Mori
Dimple Woods, Ekubon from ekubo (dimple).
Spanish (NOA) Bosque del Hoyuelo Dimple's Forest
Spanish (NOE) Bosque Hoyuelo Dimple Forest
French (NOA) Forêt Fossettes Dimples Forest
French (NOE) Forêt Foussett "Foussett" is a pun on "fosette" ("dimple").
German Grübchenwald Dimple Forest
Italian Foresta Selvafosca Darkwood Forest