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Species Origin Bob-omb
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. (2006)
Latest Appearance Mario Golf: World Tour (2014)
A Kab-omb in New Super Mario Bros..

The Kab-omb[1] is a variety of Bob-omb first appearing in New Super Mario Bros.. It has a black face just like a Bob-omb, except it has smaller circular eyes, big blue lips, and slightly smaller feet. It also has a green fringe around the bottom of itself. Kab-ombs can be taken out by Jumping on them; however, if struck by fire, such as a Fireball or Raining Debris, they will light their fuse and run around at increased speed for a few seconds, before jumping upwards and exploding into fireworks. The only stage they appear in is World 8-8.

Kab-ombs make a reappearance after nearly eight years absence as an item in Mario Golf: World Tour. It explodes in mid-air to drop the ball straight down.


A Kab-omb with its fuse lit.
  • The name Kab-omb is a pun of the word "kaboom", an onomatopoeia used to represent explosion sounds.


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