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MKDS Mushmellow.PNG
Toad on his Mushmellow.
Advantages Acceleration, Handling and Drift
Disadvantages Speed, Weight and Items
Appearances Mario Kart DS

The Mushmellow is Toad's first special kart in Mario Kart DS. It has average handling and drift, along with fairly low speed, low weight, items, and high acceleration.


  • Speed: 4/10
  • Acceleration: 9/10
  • Weight: 3/10
  • Handling: 7/10
  • Drift: 7/10
  • Items: 3/10

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Champibólido Combination of "Mushroom" and "Sports Car" respectively.
French Champmignon Pun on champignon (mushroom) and mignon (cute)
German Pilzkarre Mushroom Car
Italian Fungomobile Mushroomobile
Korean 버돌호
Mushboy ("버" is shortened from "버섯", meaning "Mushroom".)
("-돌"(乭) is used to Korean boy's name, and "호" is attached behind the name of trains, ships, or karts.)


  • The kart's name is a portmanteau of Mushroom and Marshmallow, also including the word "mellow".
  • The Mushmellow is similar to the Mushroom Car.