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R.O.B. on the ROB-BLS.
Advantages Speed, Acceleration, Weight and Handling
Disadvantages Drift and Items
Appearances Mario Kart DS

The ROB-BLS is R.O.B.'s first kart in Mario Kart DS. It is a round, hollow kart with five round holes and a stack-up block on each one. It has average acceleration, low drift and items, and great speed, weight, and handling. It, along with the Hurricane, has the highest top speed in the game. The kart has the same handling as the Streamliner.


  • Speed: 10/10
  • Acceleration: 5.5/10
  • Weight: 7.5/10
  • Handling: 7/10
  • Drift: 2.8/10
  • Items: 3.3/10

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese HVC-BLS From ROB's product ID, and its name in the Japanese version.
Spanish R.O.B.N.I. A pun on R.O.B. and OVNI (UFO in Spanish)
French R.O.B. Mobile From R.O.B. and "automobile"
German R.O.B.-BLS -
Italian Robomobile Robotmobile