Egg 1

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Egg 1
MK7 Egg 1.png
Advantages MKDS: Acceleration, Handling

MK7: Acceleration

Disadvantages MKDS: Drift, Items, Weight

MK7: Speed, Weight

Appearances Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart 7

Egg 1 is Yoshi's original kart in Mario Kart DS. It is essentially a Yoshi Egg on wheels. The Egg 1 has above average speed, high acceleration, and high handling, but also has low drift, weight, and items. Its name is clearly a pun on F-1 (Formula One).

It is one of the lightest karts, and its weight is tied with the Poltergust 4000 and the Mushmellow.

The Egg 1 reappears as a retro kart body in Mario Kart 7. It is one of the unlockable kart bodies in the game.

A similar Kart called the Egg Rider appears in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 and Mario Kart Arcade GP DX as Yoshi's Kart.


Mario Kart DS[edit]

  • Speed: 6/10
  • Acceleration: 9/10
  • Weight: 3/10
  • Handling: 9/10
  • Drift: 4/10
  • Items: 3/10

Mario Kart 7[edit]

  • Speed: -0.25
  • Acceleration: +0.5
  • Weight: -0.25
  • Handling: 0
  • Off-Road: 0


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エッグ・ワン
Eggu wan
Egg 1
Spanish Huevo-Móvil
Egg Mobile
French Œuf 1 Egg 1
Dutch Ei 1 Egg 1
German Ei 1 Egg 1
Italian Ovomobile Egg Mobile
Portuguese Ovomóvel EggMobile
Korean 에그원
Egeu Won
Egg One