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The Star Cup logo in Mario Kart 8.

Star Cup is a representation of four to five courses in the Mario Kart series and its symbol is a Star. In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, this cup is completed to unlock the Special Cup. This cup usually consists of courses that are better suited for Mario Kart veterans. There are more gimmicks, boost pads, and jumps here. The tracks are usually as long as the ones from Flower Cup.


Mario Kart series[edit]

List of Courses[edit]

Game Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Course 5
Super Mario Kart SNES Koopa Beach 1.png
Koopa Beach 1
SNES Choco Island 2.png
Choco Island 2
SNES Vanilla Lake 1.png
Vanilla Lake 1
SNES Bowser Castle 3 map.png
Bowser Castle 3
SNES Mario Circuit 4.png
Mario Circuit 4
Mario Kart 64 WarioStadium.png
Wario Stadium
Sherbet Land
Royal Raceway
Bowser's Castle
Mario Kart: Super Circuit SnowLand.png
Snow Land
Ribbon Road
Yoshi Desert
Bowser Castle 3
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! SherbetLandIcon-MKDD.png
Sherbet Land
Mushroom City
Yoshi Circuit
DK Mountain
Mario Kart DS DK Pass.PNG
DK Pass
MKDS Tick Tock Clock.PNG
Tick-Tock Clock
Mario Circuit
Airship Fortress
Mario Kart Wii Daisy circuit1.PNG
Daisy Circuit
Koopa Cape.jpg
Koopa Cape
Maple Treeway
Grumble Volcano.PNG
Grumble Volcano
Mario Kart 7 PPS2.png
Piranha Plant Slide
Wario Shipyard
Neo Bowser City
Maka Wuhu
Mario Kart 8 MK8 SunshineAirportCourse.jpg
Sunshine Airport
MK8 DolpinShoalsCourse.jpg
Dolphin Shoals
MK8 ElectrodomeCourse.jpg
MK8 MountWarioCourse.jpg
Mount Wario

Mario sports games[edit]

The cup appeared also in certain Mario sports games like Super Mario Strikers and Mario Superstar Baseball.

Mario Tennis series[edit]

The Star Cup makes regular appearances in the Mario Tennis series. Usually, it is the third, last cup of the Open Tournament. When players clear the Star Cup, they receive a star ranking, which rewards them with stronger stats while allowing them to participate in the Special Tournaments. In Mario Tennis Open, however, the Star Cup is called the Final Cup, and it is the last cup of the Special Tournaments, making it the eighth and last cup. Meanwhile, the Champions Cup replaces the Star Cup as the fourth, last cup of the Open Tournament.

Super Mario Strikers[edit]

In Super Mario Strikers, the Star Cup has eight teams, seven rounds, and uses the table system. When the player finishes in the top three, the Bowser Cup and The Battle Dome are unlocked. A similar cup is the Super Star Cup.

Mario Sports Mix[edit]

The Star Cup also appeared in Mario Sports Mix as a harder difficulty, not unlike the other series. The Star Cup in Mario Sports Mix includes the final match against the Final Fantasy team and Behemoth or Behemoth King after the players have completed the cup. Star Road is also found on this cup, which is an alternate path available once players clear the Star Cup.



  • Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7 are the only games in which the Star Cup doesn't contain a snow-themed course. The snow-themed courses in those games are in the Flower and Special Cups, respectively.
  • Mario Kart: Super Circuit is the only game that has a desert-themed course in Star Cup.
  • The Mario Kart 7 Star Cup's PAL version has all different names than the USA version.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スターカップ
Sutā Kappu
Star Cup
Spanish Copa Estrella Star Cup
French Coupe Étoile Star Cup
Dutch Sterrenbeker Star Cup
German Stern-Cup Star Cup
Italian Trofeo Stella Star Trophy
Portuguese Taça Estrela Star Cup
Russian Кубок звезды Star Cup
Korean 스타 컵
Seuta Keop
Star Cup