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Mini Mushroom
A blue and white Mushroom with eyes.

First Appearance

Mario Party 4 (2002)

Latest Appearance

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (2013)

Effect on Player

Turns Mario into Mini Mario.

The Mini Mushroom is a variety of Mushrooms found in the Mushroom Kingdom. Whoever uses it will shrink greatly in size and will be capable of sneaking into smaller areas. The Mini Mushroom's appearance varies from game to game, but it always has the same effect. Its opposite is the Mega Mushroom, which makes the player grow to a massive size.


Mario Party 4[edit]

Artwork of Princess Peach with the Mini Mushroom.

The Mini Mushrooms debut in Mario Party 4 as pink capped mushrooms with white dots and with a pink pacifier below its eyes. It reduces the Dice Block from 1-10 to 1-5 and allows a person under its effects to enter Gates and play Mini Mini-Games. It costs 5 coins at the Item Shop and it can also be obtained for free at a Mushroom Space. Additionally, it has an alternate and similar effect form called Super Mini Mushroom, colored entirely translucent pink. It has the same effect but allowing the player to use two Dice Blocks (and both Dice Blocks will again reduce the Dice Block from 1-10 to 1-5).

Mario Pinball Land[edit]

MPL MiniMushroom.PNG

Mini Mushrooms make a reappearance in Mario Pinball Land, where they can let Mario go into small passages and get extra Power Stars. They usually cost ten coins and take their first appearance.

Super Mario series[edit]

New Super Mario Bros.[edit]

NSMB Mini shroom.png

The Mini Mushroom reappears in New Super Mario Bros., where they are colored blue and lose their pacifier. They shrink Mario and Luigi's size greatly and yet again give them the ability to enter tiny Warp Pipes. Mario and Luigi also gain the abilities to perform Floaty Jumps and run across water, thanks to their very light weight. Unfortunately, one hit will cause a Mario brother to lose a life, being one of Mini Mushroom's major disadvantages. This makes the Mini Mushroom similar to the Poison Mushroom from earlier games. If Mario or Luigi (in Mini form) is able to defeat the Mummipokey, then he will gain access to World 4. If he beats Petey Piranha in Mini form, he can go to World 7. It can be found in four levels: 1-4, 2-Castle, 3-A, and 7-A. It also appears in the Roulette Block.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii[edit]


They appear again in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are just like the Mini Mushrooms from the original New Super Mario Bros. However, they are not used as often and are very rarely seen in levels, but they can be found commonly in Toad Houses. The courses World 4-3, World 2-2 and World 9-8 are the only levels in the game to include a Mini Mushroom in-level. Like in the last game, Mini Mushrooms are required to find several Star Coins and secret areas.

New Super Mario Bros. 2[edit]


The Mini Mushroom reappears in a few levels in the game New Super Mario Bros. 2, where it works just as it did in past games. They are also given in some red Toad Houses.

New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

The Mini Mushroom reappears in New Super Mario Bros. U. It behaves like in previous 2D Mario games, with the added ability to run up walls similar to the effect of a Triangular Block.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games[edit]

A Mini Mushroom appears again in the DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. They are found in Polastraits, Icepeak, and Blizland. They allow Mario to become mini so he can cross thin ice without weighing too much to break it. It may also allow him to cross narrow surfaces. Mario can use the Mini Mushroom, while Sonic can't. The effect of this mushroom can only wear off if Mario were to grab a normal Mushroom.

Mini Mushrooms also make a brief appearance on small platforms on the ice in Dream Curling, where players must hit a stone across the field to knock down Goombas. Here, they will make the stone much smaller if hit by it. This will make the stone easier to sweep around, but will also make it harder to knock out all the Goombas.

Mario Sports Mix[edit]

In Mario Sports Mix, players can use this item to shrink their opponents. While tiny, players can't hold a basketball, dodgeball, or hockey puck, and are unable to do spikes in volleyball. The tiny players are also unable to perform defensive maneuvers in dodgeball, making them major targets for attacks.

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX[edit]

Mini Mushrooms appear as items in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. They can be shot forward like Green Shells, using a crosshair, where when they hit an opponent they shrink.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チビキノコ[1]
Chibi Kinoko
Mini Kinoko
Mame Kinoko
Chibi Mushroom (Mario Party 4)

Mini Mushroom (Super Mario Ball)

Bean Mushroom, signifying its small size.
Spanish (NOA) Champiñón pequeño Small mushroom
Spanish (NOE) Minichampiñon Mini Mushroom
French Mini-Champi
Mini Champignon
Mini Shroom
Dutch Minipaddenstoel Mini Mushroom
German Minipilz Mini Mushroom
Italian Minifungo Minimushroom
Portuguese Mini Cogumelo Mini Mushroom
Russian Мини-гриба
Mini Mushroom
Korean 땅콩버섯
Ttangkong Beoseot
Literally "Peanut Mushroom", signifying small size



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