Danger, Bob-omb! Danger!

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Danger, Bob-omb! Danger!
The Bowser Statue seen in the minigame.

Danger, Bob-omb! Danger! (known as Run, Bob-omb! Run! in multiplayer) is an Action Minigame that appears in New Super Mario Bros. It involves a Bob-omb Buddy running around and avoiding balls of fire spat out by a Bowser Statue. The player controls the Bob-omb Buddy by using the stylus. Hitting a ball of fire or the flame breath causes the Bob-omb Buddy to light up and explode instantly and the game is over.

In the multiplayer version, this game is called Run, Bob-omb! Run!, and each player will have three lives. Like in single player mode, if Bob-ombs touch any hazards, they will explode and lose a life. When all the other Bob-ombs lose all three lives, the last Bob-omb left standing is the winner. It also has adjustable difficulty. The harder it is, the more fireballs there will be.

In-game instruction[edit]

Slide over the Touch Screen to guide the Bob-omb out of the way of the incoming fireballs. Watch out for Bowser's flame breath too. How long can you survive?