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Not to be confused with Plessie.
Luigi meets Dorrie in Super Mario 64 DS.
First Appearance Super Mario 64 (1996)
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. (2006)
Species Origin Plesiosaur

“A gentle sea dragon lives here. Pound on his back to make him lower his head. Don't become his lunch.”
Signpost, Super Mario 64

Dorrie is a large, friendly plesiosaur that is first seen in Super Mario 64. He helps Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi cross water or reach higher areas.


Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario 64[edit]

Mario on the original Dorrie.

The first known Dorrie from Super Mario 64 lives in an underground lake in the Hazy Maze Cave. He spends his days swimming in circles, but will gladly give Mario a ride if he gets on his back. It is also possible to steer Dorrie by carefully climbing up onto his head; Mario will lose control of movement for a moment, then the player can control Dorrie by facing the direction they want to go in. Ground Pounding on his back or approaching his neck will cause him to lower his neck, making this task easier. A sign near the lake in which he takes residence states that he might eat visitors if they get too close, but he is actually a harmless creature.

Super Mario 64 DS[edit]

Dorrie also appears in Super Mario 64 DS. He now wears goggles, and resembles the Dolphins in Super Mario World. He fulfills the same role as in Super Mario 64, giving the player a ride wherever he wants to go. When Wario is unlocked, Dorrie sometimes has Wario's Cap on his head (unless the player is playing as Wario). The same sign warning the player to not become Dorrie's lunch reappears, but once again, Dorrie himself does not eat any visitors.

New Super Mario Bros.[edit]

Screenshot of Small Mario riding Dorrie in New Super Mario Bros..

Dorrie returns in New Super Mario Bros., using his Super Mario 64 DS appearance, and appears in two sizes. Mario can ride on his back to cross large bodies of toxic water in World 4-1 and World 4-6. If Mario does a Ground Pound on Dorrie, he will move faster through the water.

Mario Party series[edit]

Dorrie is a recurring minor character in the Mario Party series. Although only directly appearing in a few games, such as Mario Party 3 and Mario Party Advance, a lot of aquatic equipment in the Mario Party series, such as boats, are based on Dorrie.

Mario Party 2[edit]

In Mario Party 2, Dorrie makes a small cameo in Mystery Land in the background lake, resembling the Loch Ness Monster.

Mario Party 3[edit]

In Mario Party 3, Dorrie is seen in an Item Minigame called Dorrie Dip. He also makes a cameo in the background of the board Creepy Cavern.

Mario Party 4[edit]

In Mario Party 4, Dorrie is seen as a paddle boat in the minigame Right Oar Left?.

Mario Party Advance[edit]

In Mario Party Advance, a Dorrie reveals that he is lonely after scaring away Mr. E. If Yoshi comes, they'll become friends and Dorrie gives him a Gaddget, the Soil Sonar. The credits show that Yoshi ought to visit him soon. It says that he hasn't seen him in a while, or as it says, ages.

Mario Party 5[edit]

In Mario Party 5, plastic Dorries appear in the battle minigame Tug-o-Dorrie.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドッシー
Probably a triple portmanteau of dossun, Yoshi, and Nessie.
Spanish Dorrie -
French Dorrie -
German Nessie From the Loch Ness Monster, who is nicknamed to as "Nessie"
Italian Dorrie -
Korean 돗시
Transliterated Japanese name.


  • In the Japanese version of Super Mario 64, Dorrie is referred to as "Doshi", most likely a parody of the Loch Ness Monster (who is commonly referred to by the nickname "Nessie", which is pronounced "Neshi" in Japanese) and Yoshi. In the game's German version, he is actually called Nessie. Also, the English version of where he is in Mario Party Advance is punned on Loch Ness, Scotland, where Nessie comes from - Loch Dorrie.
  • Although Dorrie is referred to with male pronouns in his first appearance, Mario Party 3 uses female pronouns in some minigames.
  • Dorrie shares its Japanese name with Bahamutt.