Mushroom Pool

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Pool MPA.png
The Mushroom Pool from Mario Party Advance.

The Mushroom Pool is one of the places in Mario Party Advance, located in the Seaside Area of Shroom City.

When the player decides to stop here, they will meet Cheep-Cheep and Coach, his yellow and white Cheep-Cheep coach. His quest, Swimmin' Wimp, involves racing against Cheep-Cheep in a pool relay, but the player must lose, and make it a close race. They cannot go too far ahead, or too far behind, otherwise Cheep-Cheep will catch on and the race will automatically end. If Cheep-Cheep wins, the coach will reward the player with the Gaddget, Desktop Golf.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Piscina Fungo Mushroom Pool