Chain Chomp (character)

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This article is about the character and place from Mario Party Advance. For information about the enemy, see here.
Chain Chomp
MPA Chain Chomp.png
Full Name Chain Chomp
Species Chain Chomp
First Appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)

“Bowwow! Arf! (I'm the top dog!)”
Chain Chomp, Mario Party Advance

MPA ChainChomp icon.png

Chain Chomp is both a character and a place in the Game Boy Advance game Mario Party Advance. According to its character info, Mouser used to take care of it once and it loves to duel any passersby. His description reads: "A duelist living in town." The place is located in the Town Area just near Mario's starting point. Chain Chomp lives in a small area with Warp Pipes.

In Chain Chomp's quest, Chomper Stomper, the player has to duel Chain Chomp in the minigame Chain Saw. If the player wins, they earn the minigame.

The ending of the game states that Chain Chomp went off and succeeded Whomp as the guardian of the Duel Tower's first floor.