Goomba House

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Goomba House.png
Goomba House in Mario Party Advance.

The Goomba House is a place that is found during the events of the game Mario Party Advance. This place is located in the Town Area in Shroom City. It is also in close proximity to Mario's starting location.

When the player decides to enter this place, they meets a friendly Goomba. The Goomba mentions that it actually saw the Gaddgets and Minigames that fell down from the sky at the beginning of the game. The Goomba also mentions that if the player fulfills the locals' quests in Shroom City, the player receives either a Minigame or a Gaddget.

If the player helps the Goomba out with its errand, the Kind Goomba quest, they receive the Gaddget Egg Roll. The player must buy a train ticket and give it to the Goomba in order to complete the quest.