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This article is about E. Gadd's toys in Mario Party Advance. For information about the character appearing in Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, see here.
A screenshot of the Gaddget selection screen.

Gaddgets are miniature toys invented by Professor E. Gadd in Mario Party Advance. There are eighty Gaddgets total. They can be earned by completing quests in Shroom City, winning Bowser's minigames, and exchanging coins for them.

Gaddget is a portmanteau of the surname "Gadd" and the word gadget.

List of Gaddgets[edit]

Names in other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Katatruc Portmanteau of "Karl Tastroff" (Elvin Gadd's French name) and "truc" (thing)
German Gidding Portmanteau of "Gidd" (Elvin Gadd's German surname) and "Ding" (thing)
Italian Stramberia Freak (but also a pun on "Strambic", E. Gadd's Italian name)