Snow Spike

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Snow Spike
Paper Snow Spike.png
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. (2006)
Latest Appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
Parent Species Spike

A Snow Spike[1] is a derived species of an ordinary Spike. Their visual appearance includes a cyan body, snow goggles, and orange snow boots, hat and gloves. Snow Spikes have the ability to take a Snowball out of their mouth, and throw it.


New Super Mario Bros.[edit]

Snow Spike.png

Snow Spikes first appeared in New Super Mario Bros., although they only appear in World 5-1. The Snow Spikes' attack method has the same method as normal Spikes except they pull out snowballs from their mouth instead of spiked balls. The snowballs are not thrown straight ahead through the air, but land on the ground and proceeds rolling towards Mario or Luigi. While rolling, the snowball will form a snow boulder while it was rolled.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

Sticker Star Enemy
Snow Spike
Paper Snow Spike.png
Location(s) Snow Rise, Ice Flow
Max HP 18
Attack 10
Defense 0
Moves Ground Pound (6), Snowball Hurl (10), Snowball Roll (Takes Mario out of battle)

Snow Spikes make their Paper Mario debut in the Nintendo 3DS game Paper Mario: Sticker Star. They look exactly like they did in New Super Mario Bros.. They are only found in the first two levels of World 4. In the overworld, Snow Spikes toss snowballs at Mario when they see him; being caught in one results in Mario taking damage as soon as he hits a wall, though they can be destroyed by using the Hammer. In battle, Snow Spikes can either jump on Mario or hurl a snowball at him. The Shiny Goombas are also on top of snowballs from Snow Spikes outside battle. If Mario jumps on a Snow Spike while holding a snowball in battle, the Snow Spike will be damaged unlike a Spiked Ball from a Spike. They are invincible to ice-based attacks, but take double damage when heat or fire attacks are used. Occasionally, instead of throwing the snowball, the Snow Spike will Ground Pound Mario. This attack can be blocked by simply wearing any version of the Spike Helmet sticker. If Mario is caught in this snowball's attack, he will be dragged out of battle and will take damage after hitting a wall. This attack cannot be blocked, not even Mario's Tail sticker will protect him. Snow Spikes are usually fought in groups of 2 to 3. After battle, a Snow Spike may drop a Snowball Sticker.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) Escuhielo Pormanteau of escupir (to spit) and hielo (ice)
French (NOE) Spikaglass Portmanteau of "Spike" and "pique à glace" (ice pick)
Dutch Sneeuw Prikker Snow Spike
Italian Spunzo delle Nevi Snow Spike


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