Mystery Land

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Mystery Land
Mystery Land map.png
Appeared in Mario Party 2
Difficulty 2/3
Availability Default
Mystery Land logo.

Mystery Land is a board set in some ancient ruins in Mario Land in Mario Party 2. It is divided into four areas, to which people warp to each time they land on a Happening Space. They can also pay 10 coins to have a Bob-omb UFO take them to another area. there is also a small useless island that contains King Bob Omb and Red Spaces. Other interesting features on this board include the Shy Guy's Curse House, where a player can pay 5 coins to curse himself or herself or another player to reduce the number on their dice block to 1-3, rather like the Poison Mushrooms from later Mario Party games. The Item Minigame is Mallet-Go-Round, and the Duel minigame is Psychic Safari.

At the end of the game, a red Koopa Troopa comes and alerts the players that the treasure has been found. A cutscene then shows a green Koopa with a golden Bob-omb statue. Then the villain of the board, the Bowser Sphinx, comes to challenge the Koopa to guess a figure shrouded in shadow. The Koopa guesses incorrectly, saying that it's a cow, and Bowser says that's wrong. He puts the Koopa into a rock. Then, the winner of the game comes to confront him. The winner guesses Bowser's shadow riddle correctly, saying that the figure is him. The Bowser Sphinx disappears, a consequence of having his riddle guessed, and the statue breaks to reveal a Bob-omb Buddy that was trapped inside. The other Bob-omb Buddies come to take their rescued comrade away on their spaceship. The winner of the board is then congratulated by the other players, Toad, Koopa, and a Power Star.


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Starting Area[edit]

The Starting Area is the first area. This area contains a Shy Guy's Curse House and a Bob-omb UFO area. This area contains the Mystery Land sign and the starting area. 2nd area this is a sandy area with the Item Shop. 3rd area has a UFO and Boo 4th area there is a Chance Time space and Shy Guy Curse House 5th island is a small useless island with a broken King Bob Omb and Lots of Red Spaces

Space Count[edit]

  • Blue Spaces: 37
  • Red Spaces: 9
  • Happening Spaces: 18
  • Item Spaces: 6
  • Battle Spaces: 3
  • Bowser Spaces: 4
  • Chance Time Spaces: 2
  • Total: 79


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミステリーランド
Misuterī rando
Mystery Land
Spanish Mundo Misterioso Mysterious World
French Pays Mystère Country of Mystery
German Mystery-Land -
Italian Misteri Land Mysteries Land


Princess Peach's Castle.
  • Many Mario related things can be seen in this map, for example:
  • Easter Island statues can be seen.
  • On an interesting note, Wario's outfit for this board somewhat resembles his normal form from Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. This is because the player wears an archaeologist attire complete with a sun helmet, whereas Wario is seen wearing such a helmet in said game.