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Dire, Dire Docks
Dire, Dire Docks.png 
How to unlock Opening 30 Power Stars Star Door. 
Boss(es) None 
Level(s) Super Mario 64
Board Bowser's Sub
Chests in the Current
Pole-Jumping For Red Coins
Through the Jet Stream
The Manta Ray's Reward
Collect the Caps…

Super Mario 64 DS
Board Bowser's Sub
Chests in the Current
Pole-Jumping For Red Coins
Through the Jet Stream
Koopa Surfin' Switch Star
Inside the Cage
The Manta Ray's Reward
Stars Super Mario 64:
Star SM64.pngStar SM64.pngStar SM64.pngStar SM64.pngStar SM64.pngStar SM64.png
Super Mario 64 DS:
Star SM64DS.pngStar SM64DS.pngStar SM64DS.pngStar SM64DS.pngStar SM64DS.pngStar SM64DS.pngStar SM64DS.png
Map of Dire, Dire Docks in Super Mario 64 DS.

Dire, Dire Docks is the ninth course in Super Mario 64 and its remake, Super Mario 64 DS. Like Jolly Roger Bay, this course takes place in and about a large, deep body of water. The entrance to the course is above a large pool of water connected to a submarine dock by an underwater passageway. A variety of marine life, including Sushis and a Manta Ray, live in the first pool. This course is located in the lower areas of the castle; it is accessible by having thirty stars to open a star door. The course is notable as the only course which changes based on the completion of another: Bowser's Sub sits in the docking area of this world until Mario defeats him in Bowser in the Fire Sea, after which Bowser's submarine disappears, the gate blocking the passageway to the pond outside Princess Peach's Castle opens, and moving poles appear in the framework of the docks. In the DS version, there are also Bill Blasters which also disappear after completing Bowser in the Fire Sea. The level contains 106 Yellow Coins, and it has a Blue Coin Block. Barring secret courses, it's the smallest level in the game.


The level titles and numbers correspond to Super Mario 64 unless otherwise noted. Also, this level has a "Through the Jet Stream" level, likewise in Jolly Roger Bay.

Star 1: Board Bowser's Sub[edit]

Board Bowser's Sub.PNG

This level is the same in both Super Mario 64 and its remake, Super Mario 64 DS.

As mentioned previously, Mario must collect this Power Star before he can fight Bowser the second time. Due to the presence of Bowser's sub and other changes throughout the dock area, this is the only Power Star currently accessible to Mario. The hero must dive down into the first pool, swim through the underwater tunnel, find a ! Switch on the dock, and use the blocks that appear for a short time to jump on top of the sub. The Power Star was located at the front of the sub.

Obtaining this Power Star gives Mario access to Bowser in the Fire Sea as the entire painting face is pushed back revealing the opening in the floor. On a side note, Bowser's Sub will disappear after getting the key from Bowser in the Fire Sea, replacing it with the moving poles that are necessary to get a different star. Therefore, re-doing this star after this point is extremely difficult, though it is a lot easier in the DS version because Mario can use the Power Flower.

It should be mentioned that the sub causes some lag on the N64 version of the game. The lag issue was fixed in the Virtual Console re-release and the DS remake.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパのせんすいかん
Kuppa no sensuikan
Bowser's Submarine
French Sous-marin de Bowser Bowser's Submarine
Korean 쿠파의잠수함
Kupa ui jamsuham
Bowser's Submarine
Chinese 酷霸王的潜水艇[1]
Kúbàwáng de Qiǎnshuǐtǐng
Bowser's Submarine

Star 2: Chests In The Current[edit]

Coffre 64.png

Returning for the second star, Mario should dive down into the pool. Around the tornado, treasure chests are located. Mario will need to open all four chests in a specific order to reveal the power star while resisting the pull of the tornado. The star will appear near the tornado.

This level is the same in Super Mario 64 DS, but there are three chests instead of four.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese うずしおのたからばこ
Uzushio no takarabako
Treasure Chests around the Whirlpool
French Coffres dans le courant Chests in the current
Korean 소용돌이의보물상자
Soyongdori ui bomul sangja
Treasure Chest of the Whirlpool
Chinese 湍流中的宝箱[1]
Tuānliú zhōng de Bǎoxiāng
Chest Box in the Current

Star 3: Pole-Jumping For Red Coins[edit]


This level is the same in both Super Mario 64 and its remake. Red coins are scattered throughout the submarine dock. Nearly all are near the ceiling and Mario will need to utilize the moving poles. After collecting the eight coins, a Power Star will appear above the star marker. The poles necessary to reach the red coins and star in the usual way will not appear unless Mario has completed Bowser in the Fire Sea which will make Bowser's Sub disappear. Alternatively, Mario can jump from the submarine itself and get the red coins and star that way. In Super Mario 64 DS, he can also use the Power Flower to float into them.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese にげたクッパの あかコイン
Nigeta Kuppa no aka koin
Red Coins of Escaped Bowser
French Perches pour pièces rouges Poles for red coins
Korean 도망친쿠파의레드코인
Domangchin Kupa ui redeu koin
Red Coins of Bowser Escaped
Chinese 天才的杂技演员[1]
Tiāncái de Zájì Yǎnyuán
Genius Acrobat

Star 4: Through The Jet Stream[edit]

Metal Wario sinking towards the rings.

The next star is located on the floor literally underneath where the submarine was. Mario will need to pass through five coin rings that are being emitted from the jet stream. The Star will appear afterward and be right atop the stream generator. Since the current is too powerful to swim against, Mario will need to become metal and sink to the bottom.

In Super Mario 64 DS, the mission is the same as in the original, however Wario must be used to collect the Star, as he is the only playable character who can turn to Metal Wario in this game.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふきだす みずを くぐれ
Fukidasu mizu o kugure
Pass through the Spouting Water
French Dans le geyser In the geyser
Korean 솟는물을뚫고들어가라
Sonneun mul eul ttulko deureogara
Pass through the Spouting Water
Chinese 急流勇进[1]
Venturing through the Rapid Stream

Star 5: The Manta Ray's Reward (N64) / 7 (DS)[edit]

The Manta Ray's Reward.PNG

For this Star, Mario must find the Manta Ray in the first part of the course. Mario must swim through five of the Coin Rings that the Manta Ray leaves behind it. When Mario has done this, the star will appear just above the whirlpool. Unless Mario has completed the first mission, Board Bowser's Sub, the Manta ray won't appear. This mission is the same in Super Mario 64 DS, although it is moved to Star 7, with Koopa Surfin' Switch Star as Star 5.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese マンタの おくりもの
Manta no okurimono
Manta Ray's Gift
French Récompense de la raie The ray's reward
Korean 만타의선물
Manta ui Seonmul
Manta's Gift
Chinese 鳐鱼的奖励[1]
Yáoyú de Jiǎnglì
Ray's Reward

Star 5 (DS ): Koopa Surfin' Switch Star[edit]

Koopa Surfin' Switch Star.PNG

In this Super Mario 64 DS-exclusive mission, Wario must be used to collect the Star. He must swim over to and hit the yellow block, avoiding the shell. Breaking the three black blocks reveals a switch, which can be reached using the shell. Flipping the switch reveals the Power Star, which Wario must retrieve before the time runs out. It is impossible to reach the Star without the shell.

Names in other language
Language Name Meaning
Japanese カメサーフィンの スイッチスター
Kame sāfin no suicchi sutā
Switch Star of Turtle Surfing
Korean 등껍질서핑스위치스타
Deungkkeopjil seoping seuwichi seuta
Shell Surfing Switch Star
Chinese 龟壳冲浪的开关星星[1]
Guīké Chōnglàng de Kāiguān Xīngxīng
Switch Star of Turtle Shell Surfing

Star 6: Collect the Caps… (N64)[edit]

Collect the Caps.PNG

To get this Star, Mario must collect the Vanish Cap and the Metal Cap, (hence the name, Collect the Caps) in the area where Bowser's Sub was, and drop down to the sea floor, into a cage at the side where the Power Star awaits. It is also possible for Mario to simply collect the Vanish Cap and swim down to the cage, though doing this is not what Nintendo had intended upon creating this mission.

Star 6: Inside the Cage (DS)[edit]

In Super Mario 64 DS, the mission Inside the Cage replaces Collect the Caps... from the original version, and the player has to use Luigi in order to retrieve the Star, as he's the only one who can turn invisible in the remake. For Luigi to retrieve the star, he should grab a Power Flower from the red ? Box, which is located where the Invisible Cap Box was in the original version. Then, he should swim to the cage as fast as possible. Once Luigi reaches the cage and is inside, he can collect the power star.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぼうしがそろったら (N64)
かなあみの むこうがわ (DS)
Bōshi ga sorottara
Kanaami no mukougawa
When the Caps are Collected
Inside the Wire Net
French Association de casquettes… Association of caps…
Korean 철망너머
Cheolmang neomeo
Over the Wire Net
Chinese 金属网中[1]
Jīnshǔwǎng Zhōng
Inside the Metal Net


Statistics from Super Mario 64[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウォーターランド
Wōtā rando
Water Land
Spanish Gran Muelle Big Dock
French Affreux bassin Dire pool
German Wilde Wasserwerft Wild Water Dockyard
Italian Abisso Acquatico Aquatic Abyss
Korean 워터랜드
Woteo Laendeu
Water Land
Chinese 恐怖船坞[1]
Kǒngbù Chuánwù
Horrific Shipyard


  • While Mario is swimming underwater, there is additional calm music; when on land in the second area, there is a beat to it.


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