Long-Last Shake

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Long-LastShake SPM.png

A Long-Last Shake is an item in Super Paper Mario that regenerates the player's Heart Points over time. The item is purchasable at Howzit's shop in Flipside for thirty coins, or the item can be purchased at Howzit's shop in Yold Town for 15 coins. Using one begins a minigame where the player is prompted to tilt their Wii Remote in the directions shown. The effect ranges from gradually recovering 10 HP (minimum) to 20 HP (maximum), depending on how well the player matches the positions of the Wii Remote in the minigame.

Long-Last Shakes can serve as a cheaper alternative to Super Shroom Shakes, provided the player can match directions with the Wii Remote properly.


  • The Long-Last Shake is the only healing item in the game which requires an Action Command.
  • The Long-Last Shake is also the only healing item in the game that does not cure poison.