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The Gaddlight as seen from Mario Party 4.

The Gaddlight is one of Professor Elvin Gadd's inventions used in Mario Party 4. When an opponent sends a Boo (from a Boo's Crystal Ball) to steal coins or a Star, the targeted player can automatically use it to flash light at the Boo, scaring him away (making the opponent not being able to steal coins or a Star from them). It serves the same function as the Boo Repellent from Mario Party 3. The Gaddlight can be thrown away to free up space in the player's inventory, though this counts as the player using an item on that turn.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレよけライト
Tere yoke raito
Boo-shade Light
French Lampe Anti-Boo Anti-Boo Flashlight