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"Green Space" redirects here. For information about the green-colored space from Mario Party 9, see here.
Event Space
MP9 Happening Space.png
Purpose Triggers a board-related event.
First Appearance Mario Party (1998)
Latest Appearance Mario Party 10 (2015)

“Now here's a big mystery! The Green Space! Land on one to unleash a special event!”
MC Ballyhoo, Mario Party 8

The Event Space (also known as a Happening Space, a Green Space, or a Question Mark Space) is a green space with a question mark on it typically found on the various game boards in the Mario Party series. Ordinarily they activate special board-specific events that can change the outcome of a turn or even a whole game.

In-game, these spaces were known as Happening Spaces up until Mario Party 6, when their name was changed to Green Spaces. In Mario Party 9, the introduction of a different type of Green Space resulted in the name of these spaces to be changed to Event Spaces.

In Mario Party 3's Duel Mode, landing on a Happening Space causes a roulette to appear with three random events. In Mario Party 8, the shape of the space differs depending on the board, including the tutorial map. In Mario Party: Island Tour, they appear in Shy Guy's Shuffle City, and trigger an event wheel. In addition, in most games in the series a Bonus Star is awarded to the player that lands on more of these spaces than any other player at the end of the game.

Events in Mario Party 3's Duel Maps[edit]

Restore Heart Pieces: The player's heart meter is fully restored. Does not appear if the player is at full health.
Switch Places: The player's position is switched with that of their opponent.
Plus 10 Coins: The player acquires 10 Coins.
Plus 20 Coins: The player acquires 20 Coins.
Minus 10 Coins: The player loses 10 Coins.
Return to Start: The player is returned to his or her respective Start Space, and then receives 10 Coins and gains a new partner as usual before his or her turn ends.
Get Opponent Spaces: All Basic Spaces owned by the player's opponent are transferred to the player. Only appears if the opponent owns at least one Basic Space.
Power Up: The player's partner(s) are powered up, as if the player landed on a Power-up Space. Only appears if the player's partners are not already powered up.
Power Down: The player's partner(s) are returned to normal strength and salary. Only appears if the player's partners are currently powered up.
Switch Partner Positions: The player's partner(s) switch places, with the front partner moving to the back and vise-versa. Only appears if the player has at least one partner.
Clear All Spaces: All Basic Spaces are returned to their blank state. Only appears if at least one Basic Space is owned.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ?マス
? Masu
Hapuningu masu
? Space (Mario Party - Mario Party 5)
Happening Space (Mario Party 6 - 9)
Green Space
Spanish Espacio Verde
Casilla Verde
Casilla de evento
Green Space
Green Space
Event's space
French Espace ? (MP1 and 2)
Case ? (MP3)
Case Hasard (MP4 to 8)
Case événement (MP9+)
? Space
Random Space
Event Space
German Ereignis-Feld Event Space
Italian Spazio Verde Green Space